Camplus, Turin, Italy - Photo © Fabio Oggero
Camplus, Turin, Italy - Photo © Fabio Oggero

Architectural design: PICCO architetti
Interior design, supervision and communication: Lamatilde
Furnishings and finishes: ShapeLab
Photos: Fabio Oggero


The new Camplus student housing in the Regio Parco district of Turin is the result of a major multidisciplinary effort. Part of a more complex project of renovation carried out by Picco Architetti – an existing industrial property that also includes a restaurant and a supermarket – the student facility features interior design by Lamatilde.

To respond to the lifestyles of today and tomorrow, in a concrete vision of a possible future, the studio has concentrated on a basic factor in the formulation of its thinking: sharing. And given the fact that “space is one of the most powerful means of communication that exists,” as the team asserts, the large community areas – over 500 square meters – have been painstakingly studied to encourage encounters and relations among guests.

Extreme flexibility is the tool utilized for the nimble subdivision and control of the spaces, depending on the activities and necessities of the moment. For this reason, every space has one or more functions and purposes, underlined by added flooring and specific colors. Functional zones alternate with elements of physical and mental connection, like the large community table at the entrance, which welcomes the students around a large tree; or two stepped areas for education and entertainment. There are also small rooms for relaxation and study, and a performance zone for various events.

The furnishings also encourage listening, discussion and dialogue, with various pieces specially designed by Lamatilde and custom made. They are joined by several items like the Wow 322 ottoman by Pedrali, Midj sofas and seating by Connubia.

Graphics add another aspect to the overall décor: a set of phrases, formulated in collaboration with the Milanese philosopher Leonardo Caffo, provides creative reflections on themes that belong to the personal paths of everyone, such as the environment, the economy, travel and, of course… dreams.