Milano by Baxter, Design Paola Navone
Milano by Baxter, Design Paola Navone

The variegated, nonchalant eclecticism of Paola Navone – and the versatility of her multiple design approaches – confirm a lively taste for exploration of unconventional materials, forms and structures that look to the future while combining factors of the past and present.

In pursuit of soft, reassuring design, Baxter is an ideal counterpart, with its native focus on raw materials of absolute value, fine craftsmanship and industrial prowess. As Paola Navone explains, “in my head there is a sort of ‘compartment’ for Baxter. I don’t stop thinking about a product, to move on to next year’s creations. There are always ideas that somehow spring from something you should have done but didn’t, from things you imagine while you’re working on one project and then another idea comes to mind…”.

The Milano Worldwide collection for 2021 stems from the combination of a new idea of comfort with the fine leathers of Baxter, softened and stitched to seem like fabric. A line of upholstered furnishings that is striking for its original modernity of the ample forms.

The sofa in two sizes and the chairs with different models and measurements feature soft, generous padding in a tempting invitation to sit back and relax. The fluid forms fill spaces with a sensation of informal enjoyment. The cushions for the seat and back, enhanced by leather details reminiscent of the stitching of mattresses, are fluffy like clouds, while the structure is slightly raised at the ends to form the armrests, making the sofa enveloping like a nest.

To represent this product at its best, Baxter has chosen to present it in a range of different shades of green – from military to bright lime.

Along with the sofa, and again endowed with soft, ample seating comfort, there are three chairs. One of them attracts attention thanks to its asymmetrical arrangement: the back is not at the center of the structure, but can be positioned to the right of left, where a raised portion of the structure also creates an armrest. The other one, a chair without armrests, is supported by a swivel base.
The bergère version enhances the collection, as the queen of comfortable seats. With its incredible softness it responds fully to the designer’s concept of informal enjoyment in the home. It comes in supple Kashmir Prune and Kashmir Pistache leathers, an extremely sophisticated color combination that takes its cue from the world of fashion.

Photo © Andrea Ferrari