Eden by Roda, Design Rodolfo Dordoni
Eden by Roda, Design Rodolfo Dordoni

For Roda the new year starts with energy. This is what contagiously emerges from the pages of the catalogue featuring new products for 2023: five original projects, joined by new materials and finishes for three existing product families, in an idea of evolution that enhances the collection, which as always rotates around three fixed points: quality, sustainability and wellness.

Spinnaker by Roda, Design Gordon Guillaumier

The spirit exuded by all the images shot by Andrea Ferrari, with art direction by Rodolfo Dordoni, reflects fragments of life in the open air, summed up in the concept of “Outdoor Happiness” that becomes a starting point for Roda’s thinking: a positive balance between man and nature, the joy of spending time in close contact with the surrounding environment.

The catalogue begins with Estendo (designed by Luca Pevere), a modular system that combines straight and curved lies in a natural, elegant way, thanks to an intelligent game of vanishing joints inside the aluminium structure. Functionality and versatility join forces in a relaxed idea of comfort.

Estendo by Roda, Design Luca Pevere

Onda by Roda, Design Gordon Guillaumier

Onda (designed by Gordon Guillaumier), first presented at Salone 2022 and a recent winner in the Wallpaper* Design Awards, is a collection composed of an armchair, a chaise longue and a pouf with very soft, enveloping forms. Covered in water-repellent fabric, the pieces can be utilized outdoors in a carefree way. And they can be moved anywhere, thanks to the belt-handle on the two larger items.

The Calla chair (design Roda Studio) is an essential volume that extends upward, like the flower from which it takes its name. Batyline fabric is stretched over the aluminium structure to create an enveloping back for use with cushions.

Calla by Roda, Design Roda Studio

Gamma by Roda, Design Roda Studio

Simplicity is the distinctive characteristics of the Gamma table (design Roda Studio). The coated metal structure, with its central crossing, reinvents the archetype of this furniture type. The round top, available in two sizes, is in marble, stone, stoneware or teak slats: materials whose fine quality is revealed precisely by the linear character of the design.

Zania by Roda, Design Roda Studio

The Zania stackable chair and table (design Roda Studio) are in iroko, a durable wood that stands up to humidity. Comfortable and functional, they feature slatted tops and the detail of legs with rounded ends.

Spool by Roda, Design Rodolfo Dordoni

The three product families already in the catalogue, now presented in new versions, are Eden, the component system of seats with ample modular volumes, now offered in natural teak; Spool, a sofa with a rounded back, now in Batyline with a wide range of colors; and the Spinnaker table, a classic of the world of Roda, with a blanched teak top.

There is also one “behind the scenes” detail of this first catalogue for 2023: the people in the images are not models but acquaintances, and the moments in which they are photographed are all real. Like the house that provides the background for this story, a project by Gordon Guillaumier near the city of Noto: linear but warm, with vibrant details like the glazed majolica tiles. A place where the Mediterranean – a basic part of Roda’s DNA – comes enchantingly to life. Pure outdoor happiness.