Tramato, a graphic bathroom cabinet (and more)

The Tra le Righe collection by Gumdesign for antoniolupi is growing, to include a console with a sophisticated peek-a-boo effect, ready to enhance the bathroom but also the living area

A sophisticated peek-a-boo effect, a line that generates a dense graphic pattern, games of full and empty zones, lights and shadows, inside and outside. Tramato brings a console and a storage module to complete the Tra le Righe family, a design concept by Gumdesign for antoniolupi.

A collection of everyday useful objects “that assert their capacity to become speaking objects, always based on thinking that goes beyond the mere appearance or their mere function,” says Laura Fiaschi, part of a creative duo with Gabriele Pardi.

The Tramato metal cabinets, available with rose or burnished finish, are made by hand to enhance the bathroom and – why not? – the living area as well.

Consoles and cabinets that alternate an opaque perimeter structure and internal partitioning with semi-transparent frames applied on the front and back. The latter have a dual function: aesthetic, driven by the composition and breakdown of the three-dimensional element; and practical, as dividers and storage spaces for objects, which remain visible to enter a dialogue with the rest of the home.