Clei. A multiplication of spaces

A new image to start the new year. Clei greets the cosmopolitan public of the Salone del Mobile with a look that is more modern, fresh and appealing. The transformation got off to a start with a new company logo, an important decision prompted by the ever changing times we live in and which goes hand in hand with the evolution of the company in terms of production and innovation.  «The change of logo represents for many companies an important factor, and is even more significant in our case – Sales Manager Luca Colombo explains –  Clei is a border company, a player whose applied technological research and innovation have represented its competitive edge from the outset.  Our mission consists in the conceptualization, design, testing, patenting and production of transformable systems endowed with the capacity to multiply the domestic space through their functional metamorphosis. Products that have to be aesthetically aligned with the trends of international contemporary taste, as well as being perfectly safe. The new logotype had to communicate all of this: the spirit of a company that has made research and innovation its trademark».

Similarly, the new graphic design reflects these criteria and is aimed at achieving an optimal marketing result: extremely easy to read, memorize and identify and, last but not least, «the choice of colour: red, Pantone 485, which communicates passion, strength and courage, values that are perfectly aligned with the mission of the Clei brand».

The new logo is part of a well structured communications plan implemented by the company on the domestic and international markets, aimed at conveying the key concepts underlying each collection and each product signed by Clei, a company that bases its core business on multifunctional furnishing systems. Furnishings that are extremely simple to use, ahead of their times in terms of applied technology and revolutionary in intercepting and solving the needs of contemporary society. «It is fundamental for us, together with our partners, to communicate the many advantages offered by transformable furnishings, enabling the  configuration of polyvalent interiors which, in actual fact, “multiply” the value of the space – Luca Colombo goes on to say – Thanks to Clei products, each centimetre of the home counts as one metre as if there were an extra room and this is an aspect that goes beyond the problem of space.  Even those who have a large home can clearly benefit from furnishing an interior with our products.  We are particularly focused on studying solutions for an intelligent home that is in line with today’s needs and provides an effective response to changing lifestyles».

In the wake of this design concept, the new releases being presented at this edition of the Milanese event represent a natural evolution of the best products of the range, whose functions have been increased and perfected, particularly with regard to comfort, utility and modularity. A constant benchmark: current market demand also as far as materials and finishes are concerned.  
The most outstanding Living system proposals for day and night are the App table, inserted in a storage compartment that may be applied separately or onto a wall panel, always on hand whenever it is needed; the Kali Duo Sofa, a convertible system with a concealed horizontal bunk-beds and a folding down mechanism; the Sofa version adds the relaxation-sofa function to the system, which disappears when the bed is open (an accessory makes the Kali Duo Sofa model self-supporting). Then there is the Cabrio In, composed by a wide desk and a single tilting bed, and it transforms from night to day version without displacing anything from the desk top. Finally, Tango is a transformable system with a double bed and a modular sofa with sliding seat.  

This remarkable business experience, accompanied by a heritage of inalienable values such as quality and innovation, has enabled the company to expand both at home and abroad, thanks to a sales network made up of a growing number of retailers who share the same philosophy,  and to numerous cultural projects which contribute to strengthening its reputation, «last but not least, a collaboration with the University Roma 3 in favour of the Rhome project coordinated by Prof. Chiara Tonelli, winner of the Solar Decathlon competition in Paris, which has created several opportunities for us that are now in the pipeline and, as we hope, will soon produce some important results».

Watch also the video of the interview with Luca Colombo