Arblu: the bathroom in harmony with the house

Arblu launches a preview – alongside the new line of bath furnishings, textures, radiators and shower cabins – of a collection of waterproof wallpapers for the bath, coordinated with the collection created for the bedroom zone

Carte da parati Brame
Wallpapers Brame

Furnishings, finishes and complements for a global design of the bathroom. This is the approach taken at the latest Cersaie trade fair by Arblu, a specialized company with a catalogue that offers a wide range of solutions for the bath: furniture, glass shower enclosures, wallpapers, radiators and textures. These include 5.Zero, created for any type of bath space and enhanced by new materials and finishes, and the wallpaper, a new entry in the Arblu catalogue. Not just for the space of the bathroom.

Chiusura doccia in vetro Sirio
Shower cabins Sirio

Among the new solutions that expand the 5.Zero furnishings series, presented at Cersaie 2019, there are various types of washstands, countertop or built-in, linear or shaped through a game of contrasts between smooth and rugged surfaces; modular and linear, functional furnishings, equipped with 45° handles for an easy, direct grip; columns with open compartments; mirrors and shelves of different sizes and finishes; accessories like the pouch placed at the base of a cabinet to contain objects and towels. Along with these new products, 5.Zero also expands its concept of personalization, now offering almost unlimited possibilities thanks to a vast selection of materials, colors, finishes, heights, sizes and accessories.

Gamma di texture Pietrablu
Texture Pietrablu

Among the protagonists of the 5.Zero collection there is also Pietrablu, a range of textures for mirrors, accessories – like towel dispensers, soap holders, garment hangers – and even the recessed grips of the cabinets, independent of the finish of the doors and drawer fronts.

Carte da parati Madame
Wallpapers Madame

Another new development from Arblu is wallpaper, now part of the company’s catalogue. Resistant to water and humidity, Arblu wallpaper comes in two versions: standard and waterproof. The latter is made with particular fiberglass to stand up to impact, abrasion and detergents; it is ideal for wet spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, gyms and spas. Arblu wallpapers are produced with special very thin yarns, obtained by fusion at 1400° and treated for texture; the reticular structure of the fabric allows walls to breathe. Besides technology, the Arblu wallpapers offer high aesthetic quality, and can be coordinated with all the finishes and colors of the company’s 2018 range. Sixteen decorative themes are available, varying from Art Deco style to Japanese tones, also for shower cabins or for use in vinyl wallpaper. To coordinate the wellness and bedroom zones in a single mood.

Termoarredo Livingston
Radiators Livingston