Siemens and NABA imagine future reality

Selection of the winning project in "Prototype the Future,” an initiative where Siemens Italia is the protagonist, with the students of NABA supplying the ideas

The aim was to formulate multifunctional spaces capable of offering an interpretation of future reality. While making use of the technological innovation of Siemens. These are the premises behind the project “Prototype the Future” created by Ogilvy Italia, involving students in the Space Design course of the graduate program in Interior Design at NABANuova Accademia di Belle Arti. Their task was to envision habitat solutions for the future, interpreting changes in our way of living in the home, also in the wake of the pandemic, with a focus on interaction between living spaces and home appliances.

Nine projects were submitted, of which one was selected by the jury composed of Francesco Librizzi (faculty member and brand ambassador of Siemens), along with representatives of all the players involved: Indiana Production, NABA, Ogilvy, Siemens.

NABA & Siemens, Prototype the Future. Artificial Panorama. Ph. © Mairo Cinquetti
NABA & Siemens, Prototype the Future. Artificial Panorama. Ph. © Mairo Cinquetti

The winning effort is “Artificial Panorama” by the Chinese students Hu Meng, Yu Lan and Huang Yan: the prototype is composed of a modular kit of cubes (“Future Modular Cubes“) for the assembly of furnishings, appliances and media in a dwelling, in multiple ways and forms, responding to the need to create a setting in our homes that remains fixed in one place (a factor with which we have all had to cope during the lockdown).

 width=These colorful and intercommunicating objects expand the visual and sensorial panorama of the user, transforming the home into a mutable environment and responding to the needs of its inhabitants, including the need for social contact. Through the shared projection of the same setting in a single moment, it is possible to feel closer to others and to think back on happy moments of socializing.

The prototype was transformed into a physical installation at the NABA campus in Milan, on view during Fuorisalone 2021.