The “disarrayed” house according to Baxter

The company presents furnishings belonging to different styles and eras, ready to be combined to create a less formal, more personal space

Baxter, Clara sofa & Beki pouf by Christophe Delcourt. Tunnel applique by Federico Peri
Baxter, Clara sofa & Beki pouf by Christophe Delcourt. Tunnel applique by Federico Peri

Furnishings belonging to different styles and periods, like a collection accumulated over time: sofas, chairs, complements, carpets to juxtapose as desired, generating an eclectic and very personal space. This is the new Baxter collection, based on contamination between design and architecture, art and fashion, for a less formal and more convivial idea of the home.

New developments include Clara by Christophe Delcourt, a modular sofa with organic parts that interlock to give rise to a game of full and empty zones, concave and convex curves,  for a “disarrayed” living area. The collection by Delcourt also includes sculptural pieces like the Fany table, with an artistic glass top, legs in travertine and leather, the Keren chair and pouf and the Beki ottoman, resembling the form of stones.

Baxter, poltrona Barret by Draga & Aurel. Tappeto Himani
Baxter, Barret armchair by Draga & Aurel. Himani rug

The duo Draga&Aurel presents Barret, a chair inspired by the silhouettes of the 1970s, together with the Hugo concrete bookcase, the Altea asymmetrical cabinet, with one-off fronts in resin with three color variants, and the Arles mirror. The collection is completed by a reinterpretation of the Brigitte sofa, now also in cowhide with a vintage look.

Federico Peri has created Mikado, a modular bookcase with posts covered in leather and shelves in ribbed glass, the Ellipse table and the Ellipse Light Up desk, both visually light in spite of their size.

Baxter, Ellipse Light Up desk. Hugo by draga & Aurel
Baxter, Ellipse Light Up desk. Hugo bookcase by Draga & Aurel

By Paola Navone, the evolution of the Milano project now includes a bed and a bergère, with enveloping, soft design.

Ufficio Stile Baxter has designed Pilar, a line of concrete tables designed as if they were pedestals for works of art, as well as the Himani carpets in a limited edition of 100 numbered pieces, and the  Adel ottoman and bench. Finally, the Jupiter table by Studiopepe has been reinterpreted as a monolithic marble sculpture in Travertino White.

Baxter, poltrone Milano by Paola Navone. Mikado libreria by Federico Peri
Baxter, Milano armchair by Paola Navone. Mikado bookcase by Federico Peri

Along with the development of new products, Baxter moves forward with research on colors and materials, proposing three different moods: the first features two shades of green in forest and lichen variants, suggesting a warm, sophisticated atmosphere in the home, with new leathers along with Travertino White marble, and precious Lichen onyx; the second mood combines purple and pistachio green, with striking Cipollino Abyssal marble; the third mood blends lavender with orange and blueberry, in pop accents that can be mixed with more understated hues, in combination with Tangerine onyx.

Baxter, Ellipse table by Federico Peri. Altea cabinet by Draga & Aurel
Baxter, Ellipse table by Federico Peri. Altea cabinet by Draga & Aurel