Just the name sets dreams in motion, suggesting a bygone century, whose ideals we yearn to re-experience today. Gentleman. Proud, charming, distinct: the semantic sphere of reference is a list of admirable qualities and virtues, also conveyed by a sophisticated aesthetic. So why not draw on this imaginary – in line with a corporate vision – to create a new collection that is a perfect embodiment of this style? The result is the collection by Poliform, Gentleman, initially made for the living area (with seating solutions including armchairs, ottomans and sofas), and then expanded for the bedroom zone.

The signature is that of Marcel Wanders Studio, whose creative directors Marcel Wanders and Gabriele Chiave, a long-term member of the firm’s roster of designers, have been inspired by the past to formulate an utterly contemporary range of offerings. In the Gentleman Night Collection the bed and complements are a natural extension of the living room line, whose echo can be seen in the mixture of comfort and refinement, but more specifically in the classic lines of dressers and bedside units, or the design of the high, curved headboard, suggesting the high headrest of the Gentleman Reserved armchair.

“A gentleman, in the old days of the 1800s, was a man who followed certain principles, certain rules, attitudes and behaviors in the society. The bedroom takes the same approach: the high backs are a statement of a certain bearing that wraps you and embraces you at the same time, making you feel good while you are sleeping,” says Gabriele Chiave.

Gentleman Night Collection by Poliform
Gentleman Night Collection by Poliform

The details cannot help but be noticed, first of all the feet, which become a unifying factor in the entire collection, tapering towards the end to give every product an unexpected sense of lightness. The tops of the complements (in matte lacquer) are slightly concave, just enough to generate movement in the coherent structural uniformity (in black elm and gold walnut).

The nature of the collection is thus revealed in its sinuous but clean, enveloping but discreet lines, and in its noble, extremely comfortable allure.