IEG: SIA Hospitality Design on the evolution of hotels

From 13 to 15 October in Rimini, the event on hospitality includes four exhibitions to intercept and photograph future trends and scenarios

Rooms, SIA Hospitality Design
Rooms, SIA Hospitality Design

The rhythm of nature in materials and forms, the guestroom as a place of physical wellbeing, people as the central focus of spas and outdoor areas as a refuge against stress: these are the factors that narrate the evolution of the contemporary hotel, in the four exhibitions of SIA Hospitality Design. The 70th edition of the event organized by Italian Exhibition Group on design, hospitality and hôtellerie takes place from 13 to 15 October at the fair facility in Rimini, ready to inform tourism professionals and designers about the new needs of travelers.

Rooms, Design Studio Pepe - SIA Hospitality Design
Rooms, Design Studio Pepe – SIA Hospitality Design

It starts with Rooms (Pavilion D3), featuring six mock-ups of hotel rooms developed by innovative architects applying design Made in Italy for hotels, selected for their distinctive style and great expertise in the contract sector. A voyage through the suggestions and creative ideas of Andrea Auletta, Studio Svetti, Contract Lab, Studiopepe, Davidecumini Studio and Vanda Venturi Architetti.

Outdoor, Design Alessia Galimberti - SIA Hospitality Design
Outdoor, Design Alessia Galimberti – SIA Hospitality Design

In response to the pressing need in the years of the pandemic to live in outdoor spaces, Outdoor (Pavilion D1) presents a Tailor Living Room created by the architect Alessia Galimberti using eco-sustainable and innovative materials, in collaboration with prestigious companies. A living area in which to escape from stress, a true immersion in comfort, capable of restoring the bond between design and nature through evocative colors and forms dictated by new trends in fashion and design.

Hotel in motion, Design Wellness 7.0 - SIA Hospitality Design
Hotel in Motion, Design Wellness 7.0 – SIA Hospitality Design

The true evolution of the hotel is portrayed in Hotel in Motion (Pavilion D2), curated by the architects of the Wellness 7.0. group. A checkerboard of suites, spas and outdoor spaces, a snapshot of the rising presence of multimedia, technology and connection in the services offered by hotels to their clients: from virtual trainers who help guests to exercise directly in their rooms, to check-out procedures activated by phone, and other services in synergy with the cities. Visitors can be fully immersed in the exhibition thanks to 3D visors, visualizing suites that are increasingly unique and private experiential spaces, always connected to the outside world.

Bloom Spa to Reborn, Design Simone Micheli - SIA Hospitality Design
Bloom Spa to Reborn, Design Simone Micheli – SIA Hospitality Design

Finally, Bloom Spa to Reborn (Pavilion D4), curated by the architect Simone Micheli, puts human beings back at the center of relaxation and wellness through the forms of nature, tonal variations of light and the combination of individual elements that give rise to a pure, distinctive wellness center, formulated to free the spirit from the current threat of tiresome frenzy.