Suggestions from the East

An exhibit that combines design and art, but also different cultures. This is the main feature of “A decade of evolution in design”, the exhibition project carried out by IFDM for its tenth anniversary, in collaboration with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.  Among the 19 artistic re-elaborations showcased at the Fondazione Stelline, stands out An Yuanyuan’s work, rich of suggestions arriving from the Far East.

An interplay of references as well as a return to origins: both to the product’s original name, Taoino, and to the oriental culture that molds and permeates the artist.
From these elements, a work takes shape that pays tribute to the eternal, a fundamental force in perpetual motion between the universe, the principal of the cosmos and what governs it, Tao.
The philosophical expression of our life takes shape on the flat surface of the product, in its Yin and Yang duality, the negative and positive principles that constantly contrast with each other.
The work aims to be a warning about the validity of both aspects – the good and evil that make up our being and guide our existence – remembering that in difficulties we can find the brightest part of ourselves – representing positive values –, so you can experience happiness because you have experienced sadness.