Festival of Shanghai at Neri&Hu’s house

At the same time of the bigger Design Show Shanghai, in the two weeks after march, 6, the first edition of Festival of Design juices up the cosmopolitan Jiang’an District in the alternative space Design Republic Commune: the gallery made by the creative Neri&Hu.

An former police station in victorian style is redrawing by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu. The areas “Design Commune”, “Design Store” and “Design Library” occupied the eclectic space of “Republic of Life” and “Republic of Style”.

The Festival of Shanghai proposed discussions and workshops in and outside the location. Between the promoter companies that present their collections, De La Espada launch five new creative products by the italian designer Luca Nichetto. Moreover, Thonet takes part of the event with the popular Vienna Coffee House Chair, chair 214.