Zanaboni Edizioni at the Fuorisalone

An updated look and a novel showcase for Zanaboni, a protagonist of Milano Design Week with Studio Mamo

How does the classic come back to life? How can it be amalgamated with the appeal contemporary and cosmopolitan appeal of Milano Design Week? Zanaboni finds the answers with Zanaboni Edizioni, a modern collection of elegant charm, ready for insertion in a wide range of contexts: residential, hospitality, office, retail, or even a barbershop. Specifically the Barber Factory Club in Milan.

The unexpected combination arises in the context of the Fuorisalone, with the new line by Zanaboni entering the renowned wellness space designed by Studio Mamo, a design firm that has formulated some of the creations of Zanaboni Edizioni (along with Marco Cocco, Stefano Bettio, Andrea Borgogni and Castello Lagravinese Studio).

Zanaboni Edizioni, Blanca
Zanaboni Edizioni, Blanca

The new offerings from the company, conserve its typically fine craftsmanship, while adapting to new international codes of aesthetics through design, styling and materials. There is a strong accent on nature: vegetable fibers like rattan and wicker become precious weaves for seating and complements of great expressive impact: the house opens to the surroundings, and indoor and outdoor spaces establish a dialogue in a single, complete setting.

With this expressive lightness, Zanaboni Edizioni becomes the protagonist of a temporary exhibition on Via delle Foppette, until Friday 10 September.