Choosing sustainability

To have Neolith as a partner means making an ethical choice. This is why Maistri has introduced this sintered stone for the doors and worktops of the universal kitchen system

The new feature for 2021 of the Giza kitchen produced by the Verona-based company Maistri is precisely the cabinet doors in Neolith sintered stone with a thickness of 12 mm. The Spanish Neolith company, with its carbon neutral approach and activities of global forestry, guarantees high quality in materials that protect the environment.

Giza by Maistri

Giza comes with the surface of the Neolith SIX-S collection, in Abu Dhabi White with Silk finish, inspired by the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in the capital of the Arab Emirates and characterized by its delicate golden veins and light gray patches. The same finish is offered for the worktop, to obtain a technological, resistant and practical surface of striking aesthetic impact.