A forceful, specific message is conveyed by the international communication campaign for 2020-2021 organized by PNA – Pietra Naturale Autentica (Authentic Natural Stone), the network that brings together brands of reference in the Italian sector of marble quarrying and techno-marble, examples of manufacturing excellence in an industry that is a leader on an international level.

Explosion Blue by Antolini

Explosion Blue by Antolini

A campaign by architects for architects

Alessandro La Spada, Alfredo Vanotti, Antonio Iraci, Pasquale Piroso, Marco Piva and the Japanese designer Setsu Ito are the narrators of a spot and six video interviews, which in response to the proliferation of synthetic imitations, narrate the virtues of Authentic Natural Stone. Both protagonists and witnesses: decision-making figures of reference, who turn to authentically natural stone materials to create equally unique projects. Because no ‘great’ professional ever bases his work on imitation; no great signature ever strives to achieve second-class beauty. Therefore: NO FAKES – NATURAL STONE IS BETTER becomes the slogan closely connected to the promise “The One-Off in Every Project.

The uniqueness of every slab makes natural stone impossible to replicate, just as an authentic creative gesture can make every project into a work that marks the culture and history of its time. Stone is a living material, it transforms and evolves, responding to all creative needs by adapting its appearance and its form, on the scale of architecture or that of product design.

The actor-professionals address the world of ‘specifiers’ to  emphasize the extraordinary performance of authentic natural stone, discussing personal experimentation with a semantic heritage that goes beyond the functional quality of mere surfaces and extends to formal and expressive potentialities, the unpredictable character of compositional rhythms, the richness of textural patterns, and the technologies capable of channeling this expressive power thanks to the regenerable nature of the surfaces, with their ‘invulnerable beauty’ in any thickness.

To choose this unique, genuine material does not only mean giving credit to various territorial variations, but also making its intrinsic qualities into an added value, capable of elevating applications to the status of excellence.



Margraf - Villa privata, Nizza

Margraf – Villa privata, Nizza

Natural stone is what is needed, wherever it is needed

In their projects for residences, hotels, commercial spaces and furnishings, varieties of marble, granite, travertine and other natural stones play a role as languages of the contemporary world, offering new suggestions and application options that ‘liberate’ stone from accusations of being cold, serious and démodé.

The “magic of color and the infinite imagination of nature” (Marco Piva) and stone’s “surprising transparencies” (Alessandro La Spada) become the premises for new perspectives and interpretations. Aesthetic virtues which are clearly showcased in the spot, together with performance features to underline how these materials are able to respond to the most daring objective of all designers: that of defying the effects of time.

Margraf - Viu Hotel, Milan

Margraf – Viu Hotel, Milan