Maistri: beyond the kitchen

Maistri systems permit maximum personalization in the kitchen, activating harmony between function and image

Giza by Maistri
Giza by Maistri

Maistri applies an ‘evolved’ concept to its kitchens, breaking out of the traditionally assigned area to spread into a wider domestic context, including zones for living and socializing. The functions are expanded, and hence the spaces and equipment, including those for cooking and food preparation. There is a greater focus on elegance, to generate visual impact and respond to new trends in the home.

Adopting this philosophy that goes beyond rigid schemes and definitions, the ‘universal kitchen program’ by Maistri offers countless solutions that can be applied to all the creations of the brand. Starting with hanging cabinets and columns (available with grooves or handles) that can be combined with all the bases in the Maistri catalogue. Furthermore, the stylistic choices are joined by design solutions created to boost the efficacy of the kitchen system and its personalized deployment, permitting free configuration of bases, hanging cabinets and columns within the universal program.

Giza Viva by Maistri

These solutions include sliding counters, bookcase columns, corner storage units and recessed doors: the variety of available elements leads to the formulation of high-performance interiors (also to respond to the requirements of architects and designers), perfectly balanced with refined contemporary expressive languages.


Small works of architecture, large spaces

A factor of connection, capable of storing, organizing, concealing and supporting. We’re talking about the columns, domestic works of architecture that become design masterpieces in Maistri kitchens, with a wide range of uses. In the bookcase version the open column permits direct interaction with the living area, to contain books, objects, decorations and even small appliances. The position of the central shelf matches the height of the kitchen worktop, transforming a storage space into a practical accessorized counter.

Giza by Maistri
Giza by Maistri

The corner storage column makes full use of corner space in the kitchen: it can be organized to contain appliances for flexible installation, without the need for handles or grips (opening and closing are carried out by a simple push system).


On the other hand, to conceal appliances or workspaces, the columns with recessed doors (single or double) have the appearance of a normal column when closed, but when the door is opened and inserted in the side, they allow complete use of all the space inside the structure. In the double version it even becomes possible to insert entire modules: bases, hanging cabinets, internal columns, all the way to a complete kitchen configuration.

Altea by Maistri
Arka by Maistri
Giza Viva by Maistri


One of the outstanding design solutions developed by Maistri is the sliding counter: a special mechanism allows the worktop to slide, revealing or concealing the sink and hob. The functions are multiplied, as are the available spaces – making this item ideal for kitchens that are also used as living areas and versatile zones: when the counter is open it can be used as a practical island for breakfasts, fast lunches and cocktails, revealing its simple, versatile spirit while offering maximum comfort. The measurements reach 320 cm in length and 122 in depth (the counter has a blocking system for total safety).

Walls in motion

It completes the kitchen project, but also becomes a remarkable aesthetic feature, used in place of hanging cabinets. The personalized paneling system is composed of a special section bolted to the wall that supports panels in all the Maistri finishes; the section leaves a gap for insertion of shelves with a thickness of 12 mm, which can be easily repositioned, also after installation. The compositional freedom thus emerges in the design phase and in subsequent use, allowing for a wide range of configurations. Designers and clients can play with geometric lines, spaces and finishes, in the name of striking minimalist elegance.