Focus On: Kitchen and Bathroom

The IFDM selection of furniture and furnishings for 2024 highlights the latest industry trends in the kitchen and bathroom areas, catering to a wide variety of styles and needs by transforming these spaces into social and functional areas

Ak_Projec by Arrital, design Franco Driusso

The 2024 furniture and decor exhibitions highlight innovative design trends that embrace imperfections as a distinctive attribute in home fittings designs. Evident versatility in kitchen spaces comes to the fore as new collections cater to a variety of styles and requirements, transforming the kitchen into both a social and functional space. The trend towards maximizing outdoor spaces perseveres, with new collections that elegantly enhance exterior environments. Furthermore, timeless pieces of furniture are being reinvented, achieving a seamless blend of tradition and modernity.

Arrital’s Ak_Project (on cover) is updated and expanded to accommodate a multitude of styles, living needs and projects. A concept of versatility and transversality defines the system that, through a single stylistic code, satisfies an extremely wide range of tastes and contexts. Designed by architect Franco Driusso, Ak_Project adds to its aesthetic possibilities a series of new materials declined in a striped effect, such as the RIGA finish, or the Tecnolineo in matt Pet, but also the Bronze Lineo glass version. The compositional modularity is also enriched thanks to the Boiserie Planar, the Divider System modules, and the Pass System door (in glass). Elements such as the Sipario storage unit, which elegantly conceals the operative area, or the Divider System with Alu-Table, represented by a sliding table that allows two separate rooms to communicate with each other, create a marked stylistic coherence even in dialogue with the living area.
Ak_Project, Franco Driusso, Corso Europa 22

Blues by Devon&Devon
Blues by Devon&Devon

Splendour, elegance and functionality intertwine in the timeless aesthetic of the Blues washbasin. This piece conceived by Devon&Devon is reborn in its new incarnation, matured through the innovative use of White Tec Plus, a technology that gives the surface an appearance similar to natural stone. This green-oriented interpretation, which includes vegetable resins derived from corn starch in its essence, has been awarded the Green Guard Gold certificate by LEED®. This eco-friendly vocation does not sacrifice beauty or durability. On the contrary, longevity is ensured by its resistance to yellowing and ease of cleaning, and thanks to the inclusion of titanium dioxide, it exhibits natural antibacterial and antiviral protection. This piece enhances both modern consoles and vintage-style creations, such as the Single Memphis in turned brass.
Blues, Devon&Devon – 10 A10

Reel by Amphora, design by Studio Adolini

The design league welcomes a new player: the Reel series by Amphora. The latter shines as an emblem of innovation in the bathroom accessories sector, anticipating trends and highlighting technology and essential forms. With a 316 stainless steel matrix, each element stands out for its clean lines, ensuring function and elegance. Created thanks to the talent of Studio Adolini, masters known for their relentless exploration of expressiveness through minimalism, this collection is a testament to a unique symbiosis with the Ponsi family, artisans for generations. The dialogue between these two entities has given life to accessories that not only satisfy aesthetic taste but also embody a commitment to sustainability and careful functional analysis. Each element of the Reel series emerges as a tribute to the elimination of the superfluous, reduced to its purest essence. Every single detail has been meticulously refined, achieving an exquisite balance that seals its success in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

K-Garden by Ernestomeda, design Giuseppe Bavuso

Conceived by Giuseppe Bavuso, K-Garden is the new outdoor kitchen model presented in preview by Ernestomeda on the occasion of Fuorisalone 2024. The new collection represents an evolution of the K-Lab project, characterised by equipped worktops that create an efficient and informal kitchen environment. In this new version, K-Garden retains these features, but is enriched with multifunctional workstations, composed of hobs, grills, BBQs and everything needed for outdoor cooking. The project’s distinctive features are its high degree of customisation and extensive modularity. A series of freestanding open elements can be combined and aggregated together, to form fully equipped islands.
Ernestomeda, Via Larga 9

Meda by Laufen, design Peter Wirz

Peter Wirz and Laufen have been collaborating for 20 years. A synergy that over time has allowed them to create innovative collections together, such as the complete PRO programme or the Cleanet Riva and Navia shower toilets. Today, Peter Wirz and the group of professionals working in the multidisciplinary Vetica studio, are taking the exploration of the brand and its productive possibilities to a new level, with the design of Meda, a complete system of ceramics, taps, and furniture. The stylistic signature of the collection is the skilful alternation of sharp, precise lines and soft shapes, resulting in a timeless, essential design that’s above all extremely modular. The washbasin perfectly illustrates this concept: it has a squared outer profile, in contrast to the wide inner basin with its delicately shaped, rounded corners; moreover, it’s available in different variants characterised by a certain asymmetry, which caters to the need for a wide support surface.
Meda, Peter Wirz (Vetica Studio) – Stand| 10 | B21 C16

Virtus Multi 60 DD by Elica

Presenting a linear and contemporary look with impactful expressive details and all-black surfaces, this is the new Virtus Multi 60 DD oven by Elica. “My idea in designing this product,” explains Fabrizio Crisà, the company’s chief design officer, “is based on the desire to focus all attention on two particular elements with which one interacts: the handle and the knob. Both are in black anodized aluminum, but while the handle is small with a solid grip, the knob is generously sized and designed as a large floating ring, with the inside hollowed out to give a sense of lightness.” In addition to an attractive aesthetic impact, the technological functions of this oven constitute another important asset. Among these is the Perfect Heat system that optimally manages internal heat in all cooking functions, ensuring a rapid temperature increase up to 300°C, high thermal inertia, and energy efficiency.

Tura by Roca, design Andreu Carulla
Tura by Roca, design Andreu Carulla

From the collaboration between Roca and Andreu Carulla comes Tura, a bathroom collection with an essential design characterised by linear shapes, smooth contours, clean lines and earthy textures. The name of the collection derives from the ending of two closely interconnected Spanish words – arquitectura and cultura – where architecture is an integral part of Catalan culture. From this, the identifying feature of the collection is expressed in the designer’s desire to reinterpret and pay homage to the landscape of the Costa Brava. Confirming the Spanish brand’s attention to considering the environmental impact in every process, the various pieces of furniture are distinguished by the use of FSC®-certified wood and new materials, such as recycled fabrics for the cushions and felt boxes with cork lids, in addition to the use of Roca Rimless® Vortex, which optimises the flow of water and the efficiency of rinsing.
Roca – Stand 10 | B19 |C12

Stilo by Scavolini, design Spalvieri & Del Ciotto

The kitchen is increasingly the heart of the home and of domestic life. Scavolini’s new Stilo kitchen, designed by Spalvieri & Del Ciotto, interprets this ideal, enclosing a convivial spirit, open to relationships and encounters, in its essential and geometric lines. With Stilo, the kitchen is no longer just the space where meals are prepared, but thanks to the combination of different furnishing elements, it becomes the place where people socialise and even work. A distinctive feature is the pure form of the cylinder that horizontally and vertically traces the design scheme, giving life to handles, shelves, desks, lighting bars and equipped for organising utensils. The two shades, black and titanium, offer a dual aesthetic expression, respectively sophisticated or more delicate and natural.
Stilo, Spalvieri & Del Ciotto, EuroCucina | 02 | A15 B12

French Door 48 by Signature Kitchen Suite

Representing the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, combining advanced technology and exclusive design: this is the French Door 48 by Signature Kitchen Suite, the new high-end refrigerator that surprises with its 735-litre capacity, distributed among five separate compartments. The double-door refrigerator offers a refined organisation system, with adjustable shelves and Crisper drawers. The large spaces, integrated cold water dispenser and LED lighting ensure practicality and efficiency. The three freezer drawers, on the other hand, offer precise temperature control and a practical ice-maker for ice cubes or spheres. Special mention goes to the convertible drawer, which can be customised to store different types of food at the ideal temperature. In terms of aesthetics, the glass and stainless steel interiors stand out, prestigious materials that ensure hygiene and optimal preservation, all conveniently managed via Wi-Fi.
French Door 48, Signature Kitchen Suite, via Alessandro Manzoni 47