Minotti and Schaller, encounters of value

Minotti opens a new flagship store in Bogotá in partnership with Schaller. The CEO Kevin Schaller tells how the project began, and how it has evolved

The values and the aesthetic language of Minotti in a single, fascinating location in the center of Bogotá. The company opens a new flagship store in partnership with Schaller, a well-known premium furniture dealer in Colombia. The project seals a long-term collaboration and a relationship of affinity that feeds on the precise principles of quality, aesthetics and maximum craftsmanship.
“I met the Minotti family about six years ago – says Kevin James Schaller Gallardo, CEO of Schaller Design Group – and I can say that they are some of the most resilient, painstaking and intensely committed people with whom I have ever worked.”

A case of “love at first sight” for the CEO of Schaller, who remembers their first interaction perfectly: “I came to the Minotti booth at the Salone del Mobile in Milan without an appointment. Renato Minotti spent three entire hours explaining every detail of the new collection; I wasn’t even one of their clients, but I was looking to expand our portfolio, and this was during the most intense period of the year! The passion and dedication with which he illustrated everything opened my eyes.”


From the multibrand Casa Schaller in Bogotà to the flagship store Minotti Bogotá by Schaller at Carrera 11, in the prestigious El Chicó district, the collaboration has evolved along with the showroom spaces. The new flagship fully embodies the aesthetic language of the company, thanks to a project by the architect Sandra De Nutte in collaboration with Minotti Studio (the in-house creative division at Minotti HQ).

“We have prepared the project of the new flagship store starting in March, in record time. I was able to see all the new products in virtual mode, through the special SuperSet Minotti has installed at its headquarters: we are very technology-oriented, we even have an in-house Schaller Tech Division, so we know when technology can help with communication. I think Minotti has found the best way to be more efficient in this globalized world, and to make the expression of the brand evolve. They have made the difference, also in this aspect.”

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The area of 400 sqm on two levels contains the company’s main bestsellers (the Hamilton and Lawrence systems designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, first of all), seen in relation to a selection of works of contemporary art, for an authentic and unusual brand experience. The new developments of the 2020 Collection will be featured in a special arrangement, starting in February 2021.

“As a dealer and partner, I’d say that Minotti works hard on making every display project a great success: every year, the collections, the style, the look of the brand evolve at the highest possible level, and this implies remarkable effort. The result is a complete brand experience – Kevin Schaller continues. – This is why we are wagering on the opening of the flagship store, because the concept will make it possible to bring the very essence of the brand into our portfolio, in a process of education about design, which is a very interesting theme for Colombia.”


“The partnership with Schaller is based on shared values, including those of a family business, the passion for design and a 360° concept of quality, which have led to the opening of the new Minotti flagship store in Bogotà – says Alessandro Minotti, General Manager of Minotti and the third generation of the family firm. – This is our third store in Latin America and the 40th single-brand point of sale in the world, which we hope will reinforce our presence in an important, constantly growing market, increasingly attuned to the charm and quality of the elegant, international lifestyle proposed by the brand.”


Minotti Bogotá by Schaller
Carrera 11 # 93A-21, Bogotá, Colombia