It is a well-known fact that Pedrali has always applied perceptive sensitivity to grasp the nuances in progress in the living environment – home or office. But in this moment of disruption of the office context and its characteristics, which shift closer and closer to those the domestic landscape, reflecting the desire for new sensations generated by décor, the company has displayed its outstanding ability to adapt to change and to foresee and grasp the advent of novel scenarios. This talent translates into concrete form in the new Pedrali Working Spaces 2020 collection, which sets out to create new models of reference and new modes of interaction.
What, then, are the transformations in progress, and – as a result – what are the updated principles applied by the company?


Toa Table by Robin Rizzini

The office has to be dynamic, and its furnishings solutions must be flexible, functional and sustainable, to create workspaces that can easily be personalized or reshaped based on the necessities of the moment.” A tenet that translates into meeting rooms that can be reorganized with separate workstations, spaces for encounters or concentration that guarantee acoustic and visual privacy, divider partitions capable of reconfiguring areas while acting as multifunctional elements.
This dimension is addressed, first of all, by the Toa table designed by Robin Rizzini, now reissued in different sizes: ready for shaping in terms of width and length, the table can be used in both light offices and managerial contexts, functioning as a desk, meeting table or conference table with perfect ease.

It is followed by the Arki-Table adjustable desk (added, together with Arki-desk and Arki-Bench, to the Arki family), the essence of the smart, dynamic office. This product stands out for its practical height-adjustable top that permits working in a seated or standing position, but also for the sound-absorbing panel to create a comfortable border between desks. Along the same lines, the original and even more versatile Ypsilon Connect is a self-supporting divider partition that absorbs sound, designed by Jorge Pensi. Besides the primary function of separating spaces while generating acoustic comfort, Ypsilon Connect expands its range of action through multiple accessories, such as a magnetic slate, shelves and garment hooks, as well as an attachment for a monitor.

Arki Table Adjustable  Desk
Arki-desk & Arki-Bench
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Ypsilon Connect by Jorge Pensi
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Toa Folding Screen by Robin Rizzini

The results are spaces suited to interconnected activities, while complying with today’s measures of social distancing.” And here we come to the second inviolable principle, where the protection of human health – through innovative materials or alternative design approaches – becomes a central focus of all design thinking.
Pedrali replies with the Toa Folding Screen (by Robin Rizzini), a practical and functional sound-absorbing divider panel. Light and foldable, with a removable cover, the unit is easy to clean and can be used to create single U-shaped workstations with a length of 1 meter; two spaces by selecting the S-shaped configuration; or expansion of an individual workspace to 1.5 meters, creating an L-shaped configuration. Applying the same logic, multiple arrangements can be organized by combining multiple panels.

The necessity of separation has to also involve the creation of welcoming, private spaces of the highest aesthetic quality, places in which to concentrate on completing a complex task, but also to enjoy moments of relaxation.” This brings us to the third and last imperative, with an eye on a more emotional lifestyle. Like the one generated by the Buddy and Buddy Hub family. Designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli, this new entry in the collection stands out for its tall sound-absorbing perimeter panel that embraces the upholstered furniture, emphasizing its rounded forms and the concept of a function visual and acoustic niche, capable of providing privacy but also maximum comfort, thanks to its ample volumes.

 Comfort and ergonomic design form the lexicon behind the Temps low back seating, with the new version of Temps featuring a lower back, again designed by Jorge Pensi. Thanks to a modern self-weighing synchro mechanism, for automatic regulation of reclining intensity in keeping with the body weight of the user, Temps low back is the ideal seat for the home office.

Buddy Hub by Busetti Garuti Redaelli

Buddy Hub by Busetti Garuti Redaelli

Temps low back by Jorge Pensi

Art direction Studio FM
Photo Credits © Andrea Garuti