Porro: communication 3.0

“Re/Titled One” is the new digital initiative of the company, towards a breakthrough of product communication

Storage by Porro, Design Piero Lissoni & CRS Porro

A volume with clean lines, pale but warm tones, a delicate game of contrasts between background, minimal graphics and a title that stands out in refined serif lettering: “Re/Titled One”. The touch of Porro is obvious. The cover alone is an invitation to browse and savor, like a new edition of a literary classic: timeless, full of history to be discovered, page after page. The sensations are the same, but the medium is completely new. Original, even in terms of genre.

Re/Titled One, Porro

“Re/Titled One” is the exclusive interactive catalogue created by Porro, reached directly from the homepage of the corporate website. A virtual pathway through the new developments for 2021 of the company, directly addressing curious users – ready to investigate, to dig deeper and explore – in order to present a wide range of creations gathered in an expanded digital showcase.

There are now more contents (also multimedia) linked to each page and visible by shifting the mouse, boosting the experience not just of navigation but also of the brand itself: bite-size product videos, galleries of stills, moodboards of spaces and all the finishes available for each item. The index permits you to immediately find the most interesting products, but also to download the entire catalogue (in traditional PDF format) and product profiles. A wealth of content, but inside a clean, simple, immediate image typical of the Porro language.

Materic by Porro, Design Piero Lissoni

Materic by Porro, Design Piero Lissoni

After the cover, one reaches the story of the new creations for 2021, divided into thematic categories (tables to sofas, chairs to bookcases, and so on). For example, we come across the new version of the Materic table: a video takes the viewer into the studio of its designer, Piero Lissoni, to discover the story behind the concept (the encounter of two distinct geometric forms in different materials) and its new interpretation.

Rombi by Porro, Design GamFratesi

Romby by Porro,
Design GamFratesi

Browsing further, we see the Romby chair by GamFratesi: its geometric allure and vintage look are presented in multiple possibilities, such as an emotional video, photo galleries and moodboards, to underline the range of compositional options. System, offering accessorized bookcases and wall units, is narrated through various combinations with other furnishings, in settings that provide new inspiration. The new Glide sliding doors, large panels with an L-shaped profile, are presented in a variety of materials and finishes, literally ready to vanish!

System by Porro, Design Piero Lissoni & CRS Porro

System by Porro,
Design Piero Lissoni & CRS Porro

With this initiative that combines painstaking aesthetic research with technical expertise to guarantee maximum functional quality, Porro offers new modes of product communication, but also discussion and education, getting beyond traditional boundaries to stay in step with the times, in a smart solution capable of simplifying business and interaction.

Glide by Porro, Design Piero Lissoni & Iaco Design Studio

Glide by Porro, Design Piero Lissoni & Iaco Design Studio