Claudio Feltrin at the helm of FederlegnoArredo. “Protecting companies.”

Feltrin has been named President for the term 2020-2024. A position that begins with a letter to the government

On Friday the General Assembly confirmed the vote of 15 September: Claudio Feltrin is the new President of FederlegnoArredo. An achievement that reflects his lengthy experience as President and CEO of Arper Spa inside the Federation – in 2014 he became part of the Board of Directors of Assarredo, where he became President in 2017, as well as serving on the Board of Directors of Federlegno Arredo Eventi SpA.

The new term has begun without hesitation or preambles, with an immediate letter to the government and the appropriate ministries, “urging that our chain of production remain operative, no matter what the situation that faces us in the days to come – the new President explains. – We have asked to be able to continue to produce, sell, deliver and install our products, in full compliance with the anti-Covid measures, as we have done thus far. The objective is not just to safeguard our companies and workers, but also to make it possible to still generate GDP in one of the country’s most important industrial sectors.”

Vision and action “ is the pairing with which Feltrin sets out to guide FederlegnoArredo over the next four years, getting away from concepts of propaganda and focusing on concrete initiatives, to immediately respond to current needs: “The priority of our Federation is to begin from concrete analysis of the needs of our member companies, to act in a timely way and to have an impact on the choices that have repercussions for our entrepreneurs.”

Feltrin’s vision for the next four years is already clear, organized around certain fundamental points of his programsustainability and access to natural and human resources; creation of a supply and production network; training and education, to reinforce corporate culture through human capital; collaboration with subjects able to facilitate innovation of products and processes; digitalization and evolution in the way of doing business, to prepare companies to cope with rapid changes in progress, including the trade fair system. These factors are joined by a new model of governance of the Federation whose main objective is efficiency as an indispensable tool to respond to the needs of businesses.

As we wait to discover the four new members of the board, the President’s team has been completed with the appoint of seven vice-presidentsMaria Porro (Pres. of Assarredo), Ezio Daniele (Pres. Assoimballaggi), Paolo Fantoni (Pres. Assopannelli), Carlo Urbinati (Pres. Assoluce), Gianfranco Marinelli (Pres. Assufficio), Gianfranco Bellin (Pres. Assotende), Alessandro Calcaterra (Pres. Fedecomlegno).