New Renaissance

Heading for its 135th year, Angelo Cappellini still has a refreshing, vigorous spirit: keeping faith with its DNA, the company has modernized its operations and its style, with an eye on the future

“I entered this sector two years ago and fell in love with it.” The new era of Angelo Cappellini starts with this relationship of deep understanding and desire to grow together: to shape it, the General Manager Fabio Merli has implemented a true corporate restructuring, from the organizational foundations to the area of pure creativity and design. “We have big goals in mind for the company: we have integrated all the most important professional skills, from marketing to artistic direction, because the project must necessarily be ambitious and relaunched, not only in terms of numbers, although in 2019 the numbers were very good – Merli says. – The firm is shifting from a family dimension to a managerial one, with the desire to keep on growing.”

With this outlook, the arrival of Bestetti Associati for the artistic direction is a true sign of renewal: the aim is to “consolidate the historical identity of the company, focusing on its specific skills of customization, in a revitalizing interpretation of the stylistic philosophy of Angelo Cappellini – New Classic Interiors. A philosophy that combines the company’s long-term know-how and craftsmanship with a fresh, modern allure.

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One good example is the Degas collection, a proposal for the dining area that includes a majestic table with an inlaid top, combined with elegant seating in natural hues, delicately carved profiles and Vienna straw backs. There is also the Tassella table (which boasts a new version with a round top and a diameter of 180 cm), to sum up the brand’s new aesthetic vision, as a perfect compendium of modern elegance and fine cabinetry (as in the geometric pattern with different types of wood).

Angelo Cappellini, Buen Retiro livingroom

The restyling of the products in the collection is the theme for 2020, in the run-up to the major new developments that will be placed on the market next year, when Angelo Cappellini celebrates 135 years of operation. “It will be a very important year for us, so most of our new creations will be unveiled for that anniversary – says the General Manager. – In the meantime, we have rethought 2020, also due to the cancellation of the Salone del Mobile, to concentrate on in-house reorganization, training programs with webinars for clients and agents, and on communication, not only to stay close to our partners but also to illustrate our evolution, and its growing impact on the firm.”
(Almost) 135 years, still with great enthusiasm, demonstrating that the luxury sector is not only deeply rooted and still alive, but also capable of staying in step with the times, adapting to a wide range of lifestyles thanks to excellent quality and fine craftsmanship.