Only the best

Paco Pakdoust, Director of Il Lusso in Johannesburg, explains how he chooses, selects and shows the most important brands in a 5000 square meter showroom, the largest on the African continent

B&B, Molteni&C, Flexform, Giorgetti, Flos: you offer the finest and widest display for Italian furniture. How do you choose the brands? And what is the strategy for maintaining this leadership?

All of our brands have been selected based on their market position as top Italian brands. Our aim is to always represent the best. The collection of brands allows us to offer our clients access to full home design services by fulfilling the entire project need, which includes flooring: kitchen, lighting, built-in cabinets and furnishings. Our strategy expands to our in-house design team that clients can utilize.
The strategy is to operate throughout Africa with our South African base. IL lusso stands at 5000 square meters, making the showroom larger than most in Europe and the largest one on the African continent. This was in line with our vision to have stand-alone boutiques that embody the full customer experience for local clientele.
In the digital space, clients will soon be able to experience a 360-degree virtual walkthrough and view all four floors.

IL Lusso, Johannesburg

How are you maintaining the relationship with your customers?

Our relationship with our customers has remained consistent. One of our core business values is customer experience and our team has maintained personal contact with our clients and to add to that our clients have direct access to our directors. We are also using communication channels such as Social Media to share content on our new show showroom, products, images of our brand boutiques, and the latest news from our partnering brands.

What about the relationship with the brands?

Communication with our partnering brands continue through email channels and regular video conference calls on platforms like Zoom. This has helped us stay informed about what is happening in Italy, where our bands operate, and to keep them updated on the current state of business in South Africa.

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