Oniro Group Headquarters, Cantù, Italy
Oniro Group Headquarters, Cantù, Italy

It had already been announced, but today it has come to life. And it becomes the sign of a series of objectives to be pursued with determination, all enclosed in a name: ONIRO Group, the evolution of the entrepreneurial reality of Jumbo Group, which today presents itself with new strength as excellence and a point of reference for contemporary Italian luxury. A rebranding that started with a careful analysis of strategies: “We have redefined our mission, vision and values,” says Moreno Brambilla, President and CEO of ONIRO Group. “Our legacy of market presence, expertise and excellence now takes on a dream dimension, as the objective and driving force of all projects.”

Today ONIRO Group represents five major brands, each with its own specific aesthetic identity. Five voices which, together, create a language rich in nuances: the classic Jumbo Collection; Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors, with its sensual and distinctive charm; Gianfranco Ferré Home, contemporary with vintage references; JCP Universe, for design lovers; ETRO Home Interiors, with its exotic references.

Oniro Group Headquarters, Cantù, Italy

The ‘wall of dreams’ at the entrance to the ONIRO Group headquarters

Other brands could be added in the future, with the aim of further enriching the Group’s portfolio, completing its offer and opening up to new markets; while the B2B sectors of Yachting, a niche market, and Hospitality, linked to Real Estate, are two other important market segments on which ONIRO Group continues to focus with its Interiors Design Service division.

From left to right Moreno Brambilla, President and CEO ONIRO Group; Federico Brambilla, Brand Manager JCP Universe; Livio Ballabio, Partner & Creative Director of the Group; Thomas Munafò, General Manager Interior Design Service and Brand Manager Jumbo Collection

The ONIRO Group’s philosophy is encapsulated in seven key words: multiculturality, relativism, dream, superlative, timelessness, alchemy and beauty. And its strength also lies in the fact that it is headed by a structure where the entire management team knows the product inside out, according to the model that is one of the strong points of Made in Italy. This allows a unique depth of vision. Which becomes a value.

In Greek mythology, Oniro (Oneiros) is the son of night and sleep and the intermediary between the divine will and the will of men. ONIRO Group as the personification of a dream, then. In the Cantù headquarters there are LED panels that project the dreams left by visitors in a sort of “wall of dreams”; and then a research laboratory, ONIRO lab; in the Milan showroom a “library of dreams” will open soon, destined to grow, created with the idea of collecting all the books that talk about this dimension that is so important for man.

“Today the approach to luxury has clearly changed, becoming much more personal. In this sense, for us the dream means bringing uniqueness to what we create,” says Livio Ballabio, partner and creative director of the group.

Entrance to the ONIRO Group showroom in Milan

ONIRO Group headquarters in Cantù

“There are moments in the life of a company when profound analysis of a pathway, since the start of the firm’s history, becomes necessary,” Brambilla concludes. “In our case, this analysis has coincided with careful evaluation of what the name and the image were conveying to the outside world, to see if they fully represented us. Moments of great awareness like this one inevitably lead to significant changes.”