Draga & Aurel and Keywords Design: communicative connections

The creative duo launches a new collaboration with Keywords Design Relations, as a further step of growth for the studio based on PR and communication

Draga Obradovic & Aurel K. Basedow

Among the “happy accidents in terms of both creations and relationships” that have happened along the path of Draga & Aurel, we can insert the collaboration with Keywords Design Relations, the agency of communication, marketing and consulting specialized in the design and furniture sector, which starting in May will work with the creative duo on activities of public relations and communication. 

Consolidation of positioning and improving visibility are the objectives of the new collaboration, translated into a strategy of public relations through the media, design professionals, companies and consumers, in a wide range of activities including press office, product placement, organization of events and support during international trade fairs of art and design. 

Draga & Aurel, Transparency Matters. Ph © Riccardo Gasperoni

In the process of growth and development of the firm, formulated in teamwork with the agency coordinated by Daniela Chessari (Managing Director of Keywords Design Relations), a major focus is on Transparency Matters, a capsule collection of limited editions entirely made by hand in the atelier based in Como, to investigate the role of transparency in art and design; the initiatives also center on the conceptual works of Aurel K. Basedow, which combine art, design and crafts, summing up the artist’s research on materials.

Draga & Aurel, Transparency Matters. Ph © Riccardo Gasperoni

The multidisciplinary studio will thus be explored and enhanced in terms of its multiple potentialities, not just in terms of product design (already with many credits in this field, working with international furniture and interior design brands like Baxter, Wall&decò and Anthropologie), but also within the unpredictable, kaleidoscopic expressions of the creative thinking of the duo. 

Now more than ever, in this big world filled with micro-universes to discovery, we want to grow and evolve, sharing our creative background and spirit with new realities – says Draga Obradovic – We are delighted to be accompanied by Keywords in this process, in the certainty that their experience and focus will lead us to new, exciting connections”.