The resilient outdoors of Tuuci, a skilful blend of nature and design

A calendar year since its twentieth anniversary, the Miami company (with two “command posts” in Europe and Singapore) is continuing along its virtuous course with products that challenge the forces of nature through avant-garde design and a corporate philosophy that sees sustainability as an indispensable asset.

Tuuci (an acronym of The Ultimate Umbrella Company Inc), a loyal participant in all the trade fairs in the world’s leading design weeks, is in attendance at the HD in Las Vegas with its latest collections: Equinox and Max

Equinox is a veritable open-air drawing room, modular in design, that offers a series of integrated accessories that lend it the abilities of a chameleon; USB ports for office use, Bluetooth speakers for sound amplification, an LED lighting system so it can be used at night.  But the power of Equinox doesn’t end there: if the outside temperature drops, an effective integrated heating systems leaps into action.
Max is a large, technological umbrella, with numerous finishes and variations (square, rectangular, octagonal or Manta-shaped).

A sophisticated design, resistant against the worst the weather can muster and able to create a true architecture of shade, these are the strongpoints of Tuuci.


Tuuci, HD Las Vegas, Level 1, Booth 4447