Verso, the new brand that revolutionizes retail

The new luxury interiors brand founded by Amauri Aguiar and the architect Bryan Young makes its debut with a ‘traveling’ showroom. First stop: the Hamptons

Verso, Six Square House, Bridgehampton, New York - Photo © Fran Parente
Verso, Six Square House, Bridgehampton, New York - Photo © Fran Parente

Unconventional offerings presented in an unconventional way. Verso stands out for its originality in the vast network of the design industry. Design expert Amauri Aguiar and the New York-based architect Bryan Young have founded this new brand of luxury interiors that covers design, art, lighting and furnishings with the shared quality of being one-offs or limited editions, novel objects or reissues of classics, in a mixture of modernism and contemporary styling.

Alongside its online visibility, Verso makes its debut with an extraordinary display formula: traveling showrooms in equally untraditional locations, through which to introduce the brand and its creations, bringing out all of their unique impact.

The first stop is in the Hamptons, the exclusive residential zone east of New York, specifically in the sculptural Six Square House at Bridgehampton, created by the studio of Bryan Young, Young Projects: a residence of over 1000 square meters that offers a timely reinterpretation of the typical wooden barn, divided into six modules that contain different living spaces, including a living room, a kitchen, a master bedroom and a family room, as well as a guestroom.

“The unique geometry and architecture of the Six Square House make it the perfect location for the launch of Verso, allowing us to display our first collection in a context that suggests a hybrid between a gallery and traditional interiors – says Young. – We have also utilized the garden of the house to present works of art and design, extending the experience into the surrounding landscape.”

An artistic installation of Objects of Common Interest, the Paravent luminous sculpture by Lambert et Fils, a selection of ceramics by the Brazilian artist Fernanda Pompermeyer, and furniture and lighting by the Italian duo Zaven are the creations on view, which will then travel to Los Angeles, Miami and Josè Ignacio (Uruguay).

“We don’t think of furnishings simply as functional elements. We grant value to craftsmanship, ethical production and responsible sourcing, both for the open series and for the one-offs. We want to understand the design intention of a piece and the collaboration behind its creation. For me, the backstory is inseparable from the aesthetics,” says Aguiar, explaining the meaning of the name assigned to the brand, Verso, which underlines the importance of the background of every project.

Photo © Fran Parente