Coronavirus, the battle of the world of design continues

FederlegnoArredo, Salone del Mobile.Milano and VNU Exhibition Asia have gathered over half a million masks for Italy

Many initiatives have been undertaken by the world of design and the furniture industry to help those most in need in the battle against the Coronavirus. After Caleffi and Lago, the efforts continue with FederlegnoArredo and Salone del Mobile.Milano, with the fundamental support of VNU Exhibition Asia (organizer together with FLA China of Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai), in an action that will help many people. At the Italian Embassy in Beijing, 545,000 masks (of the surgical type, and types FFP2, FFP3, KN95 and N95) have been gathered, to be delivered to the Italian Red Cross, which will then distribute them to those most in need of immediate support.

This gesture sets out to suggest that only with mutual aid and by joining forces will it be possible to face the challenges and dangers of our time. It is a way of encouraging those who can to roll up their sleeves and to make a contribution in the battle in which the whole world is engaged against an adversary that is truly hard to defeat.

The initiative also underlines, once again, the friendship between Italy and China. The Chinese government immediately received support, assistance and help when the epidemic spread in the province of Hubei. Today, it is Italy that is in need of greater assistance. Furthermore, the project expresses the hope that together, as soon as possible, we can get back to work, to continue to develop and reinforce this fertile collaboration and to achieve even better results for both nations.