The comfort of Secreterie

Orgatec welcomes the storage furniture system designed by Michele De Lucchi for Alias

Alias could not miss at Orgatec 2018. From the surprising organic form of layout Secreterie, the container furniture system designed for Alias by Michele De Lucchi, comes a new project that provides for unprecedented ease of use.

In keeping with the best tradition of the projects developed by Alias, which have always embodied innovative concepts in novel forms, using in nonconventional ways materials used in other production sectors, the new furniture system comes from an original search for new expressive languages for a well-known material, such as extruded aluminium.

 /><figcaption class=Alias, Layout Secretaire by Michele De Lucchi

The layout modular system acquires new extruded aluminium components, which are anchored to the oval form of the base and the top and provide a bearing structure where to mount doors and shelves.
The result is the creation of a Secretaire, a pure, elemental volume that accommodates a writing board and two supporting shelves secured directly to the doors. With a simple gesture, this abstract piece of furniture opens like a flower to reveal the workstation inside, and in doing so becomes the quintessential architecture within the architecture of the room.
Layout secréteire is fitted with wheels, to move it with ease from one zone to another, and dust gaskets to protect its interior.