Technology at the service of light

Wall or suspension, table or floor lamps, architectural and outdoor lighting: IFDM leads the way, to discover the latest new developments

O, Artemide
O, Artemide

Technology becomes increasingly central and fundamental in the world of design. Undoubtedly one of the sectors of greatest impact is that of lighting, where research and innovation are musts. Light+Building, one of the most important events for this industry, has been postponed due to the Coronavirus emergency that is spreading around the world: the fair will now be held from 27 September to 2 October. But we can report on new developments and reissues for the 2020 collections: IFDM helps you to discover some of the products presently being launched. Wall or suspension, table and floor lamps, architectural and outdoor lighting: something for everyone!

Absolute decorative value for wall or suspension lamps, which become protagonists of the spaces in which they live. An example? The Cupole family designed by Marco Zito for Masiero. The designer has taken his cue from Venice and the majestic Basilica of St. Mark. A big metal diffuser spreads the light, screened on the inside by a counter-cupola, again in metal, coated in 8 trendy colors.
Euroluce also evokes the city of Venice in the case of Bridge, a chandelier made in Venetian glass, by Studio in Project. The firm that is part of Twenty Brand Design has invented a game of lights and reflections that transforms the lower arch of the bridge into a waterway.
Technological innovation and research on materials harmoniously blend in the Illan suspension lamp created by Zsuzsanna Horvath for Luceplan. The lamp enchants with its lightness, and the wood of the structure conveys an immediate sense of wellbeing, interacting perfectly with the LED light source to create a soft, relaxing glow.
In this panorama, Axolight and Sara Moroni contribute Liaison, along different, less theatrical lines. The technology also changes: the dimmable LED source offers the advantage of outstanding energy savings, while making it possible to install the product in any space, at any height.

Makris and Gianpietro Tonetti have released the Flat family, available in three variants. In the photo, Flat S with structure in shiny PMMA and a satin-finish screen takes its inspiration from polished stone. The suspension lamp can also be controlled via App.
Slamp celebrates the 10th anniversary of Veli by Adriano Rachele, composed of 268 interlocks done completely by hand, reminding the observer of a beehive. Veli Foliage is made with four times less environmental impact than other materials.

The table and floor lamps represent that ‘extra touch’ offered to the decor. Delicate at times or with greater impact on the context, they bring elegance to any setting. Even companies not specialized in lighting are getting into the act, introducing such products in the catalogues: this is the case of Fritz Hansen and Riflessi. The Danish brand launches a special edition of the iconic Kaiser by Christian Dell, enhanced by luxurious details in brass to make it even more sophisticated, while the Abruzzo-based firm proposes Bubble with a light pink gold finish.
The story is different for Martinelli Luce, an icon in this sector, but with an eye on the future: Pipistrello (designed by Gae Aulenti) now comes in the version 4.0, allowing control of its light through both Apple and Android devices.
Like Pipistrello 4.0, Madre by Andrea Anastasio for Foscarini has a forcefully iconic image, in this case driven by the amble forms of mother goddesses, the divinities that protect fertility of the land.

Simplicity of structure and clean lines are the key factors shared by Untitled by Nemo and Altura by Penta. The floor lamp created by Bernhard Osann is in extruded aluminium with a matte black finish, and has joints for flexible, dynamic positioning of the light; while the luminous body of the Penta table model is based on attachment systems used in fishing, formed by a structure composed of two thin lines of metal and a conical diffuser.
Very particular the new creation 2020 by Marc Sadler for OLev. Drum is a wireless, rechargeable battery operated table lamp designed to illuminate the top without glare. It resembles a stool and is distinguished by three turned legs in natural pear wood that support the shiny metal shell available in three colours (black, red, white).Not just lighting, however.
Buzzi&Space brings new meaning to the JetStanding floor lamp thanks to sound-absorbing properties that allow sound waves to be captured in the circular body, reducing noise levels.

Architectural lighting has to create a bond between building and context. The project can be simple, but effective and modern at the same time. For example, the reinterpretation of a common object like the flashlight, created by Viabizzuno: made in oxidized aluminium, Torcia N55 can be used on tracks or moved by hand. Simplicity is also the forte of Buzzi&Buzzi: Funnel (utilized in the technical lighting project for a private villa in Austria) stands out for its clean design that gives form to a funnel of direct light, perfect to enhance spaces.
The Sticks collection designed by Arik Levy for Vibia reminds us of the nature of light as an architectural subject, but also gives it an unusual dynamism through a luminous line that rests on the perimeter of the space.
Superrail by iGuzzini, on the other hand, has a technological structure that brings together infinite solutions and innovative applications. In both the upper and lower parts, it can hosts fixtures for direct and indirect lighting, as well as LED screens for continuous direct and indirect general lighting.

Interior design and outdoor furnishings are universes that influence each other more and more. Lighting is no exception: Amanita by Oluce, designed by Mariana Pellegrino Soto, begins as a reading lamp and transforms into an elegant outdoor path marker. The characteristic feature is the Indian brown finish.
The same function is performed by the bollard of the Morphis family by LND, a ground marker with a sinuous look available in six powder finishes, for residential driveways, entrances and access routes.
The bond between lighting and nature couldn’t be more solid. One serves to enhance the other. Karman, with Nilo by Matteo Ugolini, alludes to this desire to reconnect with our roots: a slender, flexible aluminium rod with a diffuser in matte white resin on top, making Nilo become part of the outdoor setting.
With the same ideas in mind, Kundalini rethinks Kushi in the new Wood Edition version, with a stem made of red spruce from the ‘Forest of Violins.’
And there’s more, of course. by Artemide is an essential item that when it is off frames nature and suggests perspectives, inserting itself in the environment with discretion, without altering its balances. Again with an accent on technologies, including the use of the Artemide App to guarantee precise functioning and to avoid waste.
The definition of In Vitro by Flos, finally, is provided by its designer Philippe Starck: “The lightbulb has always been protected by a glass globe. Today this disappears, in favor of light.”