‘A chair is a chair is a chair’

The title of the installation created by Antonio Marras for Salvioni in collaboration with Saba does not simply repeat a concept, but expands it. Voluntary emphasis that brings a meaning charged with transformation. On view until March at Salvioni Milano Durini

What is an object if you don’t interact with it? An indispensable action, unique and subjective, from which to begin to give free rein to infinite possibilities of transformation. This is the story Antonio Marras has invented for Salvioni, in collaboration with Saba, through a site-specific installation inside the spaces of Salvioni Milano Durini.

 width=‘A chair is a chair is a chair’ is the name of the exhibition – on view until early March, inspired by a line by the writer Gertrude Stein – focusing on themes of the non-boundary, the unfinished that leaves expressive freedom for the imagination.

An itinerary in stages, symbol of the symbiosis of the company, the artist and the space, with the invasion of the window with a stack of chairs from the New York collection designed by Sergio Bicego, covered in linen with four exclusive designs made by Antonio Marras, taken from the one-offs of the project ‘Lontananze e affinità,’ next to the sofa from the same series wearing pictorial works by the fashion designer. 


On the ground floor, roaming through the Baby Geo upholstered pieces by Paolo Grasselli with botanical covering by Marras, in an exclusive for Saba, the Shades of Venice and Shades screens created by Marco Zito and personalized by the Sardinian stylist, and the outdoor collection woven by hand, displayed for the first time in this event, takes the visitor into a poetic, dreamy dimension. Precisely the dream conceived by Marras as a chance for metamorphosis in contemporary living.

 width=The Limes Large bed designed by Sergio Bicego, on the first floor, is an apt expression of this concept: a floating island, perched on rectangular sections of transparent methacrylate, in a clean break with the conventions of space and preset form, thanks to the mobile headboards that permit new configurations.

 width=The initiative ‘A chair is a chair is a chair’ coincides with the path taken by Salvioni Design Solutions since its opening. A multibrand showroom network involving various talents and companies in the sector to offer savvy international clients the best of design furniture, while organizing special moments of quality, such as exhibitions and installations.
Salvioni Design Solutions represents over 100 design brands, like Saba, the Veneto-based company that since 2018 has had a fertile creative relationship with the Sardinian fashion designer and artist Antonio Marras.

 width=Photo Credits: © Andrea Bartoluccio