Between history and new proposals

Wall&decò inaugurates the space at Design Post with an exhibition of its historical archive and new proposals 2020

Wall&decò inaugurates its very own space at Design Post, Cologne, during imm cologne 2020.
Design Post once housed the Post Office and has since received a contemporary make-over. Located in the Deutz neighbourhood, it now hosts the stores of top international brands and has become a reference point for architects and interior designers.

70's, Wall&Decò ©Simone Cossettini
70’s, Wall&Decò ©Massimo Spada

In this exceptional location, Wall&decò exhibits its own historic archive, interpreting a space and a style.
The setting presents itself as the key to interpreting the stylistic evolution of the brand. Its sheer contemporaneity offers a sneak-peek of the latest trends and new proposals in store for 2020, among which stand out the geometric lines of Crystal Palace, the floral theme of 70’s and the strong character of Jean Genie. Three new products on which the brand, born from an idea of the advertising photographer Christian Benini, is strongly focused.

Riz-C by Bertero Projects, Wall&Decò
Riz-C by Bertero Projects, Wall&Decò

Located within the historic halls of a former Deutz post office, Design Post is a dedicated open yearround exhibition space and platform for leading international design companies to present their latest launches and collections. At the same time, the space serves as a valuable conduit for inspiration and connectivity between end-users and members of the A+D community with today’s top interior brands.

Asami, Wall&Decò
Asami, Wall&Decò ©Lorenzo Pennati

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