Emu and FAI, together for culture

Whether it’s design or art, Italian heritage and culture remains unmatched in the world. A concept shared and adopted by the FAI – the Italian Environment Fund and Emu, through their respective missions.
The first was founded to ensure the protection, conservation and valorisation of our country’s rich heritage of art and landscape, the second introduces the world to the Italian culture of outdoor living, producing design furnishings combining tradition, innovative technology and quality for over 65 years.
From this sharing of objectives was born a three-year partnership project between the two entities; a project showcased within the prestigious setting of the Spoleto Festival (an event that Emu has sponsored for several years).
An essential part of the program will be the new concept for the 2018 corporate catalog, where the brand collections are the protagonists next to the beautiful villas, gardens and archaeological sites belonging to the FAI; the foundation’s assets thus become the ideal background for Emu furniture lines. From Villa del Balbianello in Como to Villa Necchi in Milan, including the Abbey of San Fruttuoso in Camogli: every picture aims to highlight the design of the products, conceived by names of the international fame, and at the same time the beauty of the chosen venues, in a reminiscence of cultural heritage and artistic contamination.
The same communication campaign for 2018 will follow the same concept.

2018 is going to be for Emu a year of change and innovation. The new corporate team, formed by a group of entrepreneurs who bought 100% of the shares of Emu last February, launched a major development plan for next year, which strengthens the international position  of th brand by expanding the presence in the most important countries, and significant investments in Marsciano’s production facilities.
Among the novelties, the creation of a Design & Simulation Center for the development of product and research know-how.