B&B Italia, the management renewed

Design Holding announces the appointment of Gilberto Negrini as Ceo and Gabriele Del Torchio as Chairman of B&B Italia

Gabriele Del Torchio, Presidente B&B Italia
Gabriele Del Torchio, President of B&B Italia

Design Holding announce the appointment of Gilberto Negrini as new Chief Executive Officer of B&B Italia, a leading group in high-end design furniture with the B&B Italia, Maxalto, Arclinea and Azucena brands.

Gilberto Negrini will take up the new role from October 1st by joining the Group after serving as CEO of Kartell.
The new CEO started his career in the design sector in 2002, at Luceplan, and was later Sales Director of Foscarini and Cassina. In 2009 he joined Kartell, the company where he took up positions of progressively higher levels of responsibility, until reaching the top.
With extensive experience in the design industry and deep knowledge of its complex and peculiar dynamics, Gilberto Negrini will be able to guide the new phase of growth and global development of B&B Italia, enhancing the strong distinctive identity of the brands while fully respecting their history of excellence.

The appointment of the new CEO is part of Design Holding and its subsidiaries’ management development process, aimed at identifying high standing profiles capable of supporting and accelerating the growth of the new leading group in high-end design. Design Holding was founded last November by Investindustrial and The Carlyle Group and is led by the President and CEO Gabriele Del Torchio, to whom Negrini will report

Gilberto Negrini, Ceo B&B Italia
Gilberto Negrini, Ceo of B&B Italia

Giorgio Busnelli leaves the post of Chairman of B&B Italia and Vice Chairman of Design Holding, after having led B&B Italia for decades with passion and competence, inherited from the unforgettable father Piero Ambrogio, founder of the company. The boards and the stakeholders of both offer their most heartfelt thanks. Gabriele Del Torchio, Chairman and CEO of Design Holding and newly appointed Chairman of B&B Italia, stressed that “it will be an honor and a challenge to take over from Giorgio Busnelli. His entrepreneurial ability and long-term vision have made it possible not only to protect and develop a company like B&B Italia and everything it represents in the world of design, but also to project it firmly into the future allowing it to begin a new transformational path that, while respecting the identity of the brands, we are sure will lead the group to achieve new important goals”.

In welcoming Gilberto Negrini, Gabriele Del Torchio also stated: “Gilberto’s experience, expertise and deep knowledge will ensure an essential contribution and a new phase of development for B&B Italia. In the first months of Design Holding’s life, we introduced all activities aimed at creating a Group identity, defining a global strategy and enhancing synergies. At the same time, in agreement with all shareholders and entrepreneurs, we have started strengthening the managerial structures of the companies. Our aim is to
identify the best management which, we are sure, will be able to guide the further development, respecting the identity of each company, but within a strong new global vision. I therefore welcome Gilberto, with whom
we can’t wait to get to work.”