Penta looks to the east

After Penta USA in New York, Penta Group opens a new branch in Singapore as a base for the Asian market

Penta Group continues to expand. Singapore welcomes Penta APAC, the new headquarters of the group for Asia. Andrea Citterio, CEO of Penta, explains the choice of the location: “We have evaluated various options, including Hong Kong and Singapore.
The decision was based on the presence of design and architecture firms that work across Southeast Asia, China and Oceania, whereas Hong Kong tends to be in closer contact with the enormous Chinese market, which we are approaching separately, perhaps with a sub-affiliate in Shanghai very soon.”

Lampada Glo, Penta
Lampada Glo by Carlo Colombo, Penta

The office is in the center of Singapore and serves as a strategic point for the growth of the brands of Penta Group in relation to design and architecture firms, as well as lighting designers.
“Over the next 12 months Penta APAC will develop special customer services, a sales network and added partners, probably divided in relation to the brands of the group,” says Marco Cavalieri, Sales Director of Penta. “A local warehouse will provide stock, and we will offer post-sale services: these are all fundamental aspects for these markets.”

After the creation of Penta USA in New York, this represents another step on the long path of internationalization begun by Penta Group one year ago, extending its presence to 95 countries. An extraordinary number, which permits the group and its four specialized lighting brands (Penta light, Penta Architectural, Pcustom light, Arredoluce Milano 1943) to be competitive across the globe.