Virtual and real meet at Philips

In the Royal Philips project in Milan, a residential space hosts a ‘social’ family for one entire day, immersed in technology, but also in the signature design of MDF Italia

Technology and design, virtual and real. A mash-up of contaminations for the original project launched by Royal Philips in the center of Milan, transporting the ‘social’ world inside a hyper-digital house where the brand’s products meet design Made in Italy thanks to the participation of MDF Italia.

Casa Philips at Bou-Tek in Milano

For one full day, the influencers Beatrice Valli and Marco Fantini lived together with their kids inside a custom residential setting at the Bou-Tek space on Via Gonzaga in Milan: a unique opportunity to demonstrate the various functional features of Philips appliances, offering solutions for all every living needs, to an audience of passers-by along the seven streetfront windows, as well as three million followers on the social networks. From waking up to breakfast, beauty routines to the preparation of lunch, afternoon relaxation to snack time.

“Casa Philips is a strategic project for our business, perfectly inserted in the group’s mission: to improve the lives of people starting with the promotion of healthy lifestyles, thanks to the contribution offered by technology – says Marco Brogi, Business Marketing and Sales Leader for Personal Health IIG of Philips. Innovative technology, affordable for all, that brings together, connects, simplifies and grants time for better living, outside or inside the web.”

MDF Italia at Casa Philips, Tense Table, Flow Chair e Cosy Sofa

The exceptional partner in this unusual project is MDF Italia, which with its interior design elements furnished the living area, the bedroom zone and the bathroom, in a total synergy of values: simplicity of use, quality materials, affordability, functioning.
in this setting 3.0, icons of the design brand like the Tense Table, by the duo Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga, and the Flow Chair, featuring the inimitable design touch of Jean-Marie Massaud; the protagonist of the bedroom zone was the Yale Bed (design Jean-Marie Massaud), while in the living room the soft comfort of the Cozy sofa found a perfect context. Joined by the Qubit cabinet by Victor Vasilev and the very colorful Random 2C by Neuland Industriedesign.

MDF Italia, partner of Casa Philips,  Yale Bed and Qubit