Giorgetti Group: sustainability, point by point

The Giorgetti Group has released its Sustainability Report for 2020. A document that narrates commitment and values. As well as concrete actions

La sede di Giorgetti a Meda (MB).
La sede di Giorgetti a Meda (MB)

Giorgetti Group, with its two brands Giorgetti and Battaglia, is a case of design excellence Made in Italy. The company has released its Sustainability Report for 2020. This is a new phase in a process that began in 2019, when the first report was issued, sharing data on performance with respect to economic, social and environmental responsibilities.

«Across 123 years of history, Giorgetti has made renewal, customer care and above all responsibility to its own personnel and the community in which it operates the true cornerstones of its identity in the world», says Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of Giorgetti Group, in the letter to stakeholders that forms the introduction to this new document.

A commitment that began long ago, and now points to sustainability as an important driver for growth, and an integral part of corporate governance. This is the basic idea that has guided the group in the development of a Sustainability Plan for its activities, with the objective of contributing to the achievement of the Sustainability Development Goals of the United Nations by the year 2030.

The Plan is organized around four theme areas, which the Report formulates in a detailed manner: Economic responsibility and good governance, Responsibility to people, Environmental responsibility and Responsibility in production.

These values come together in the idea of “timeless elegance and beauty” which del Vecchio evokes at the conclusion of his letter. «Today, discussing sustainability as a characteristic that guides our choices and actions, we feel it is fundamental to express the meaning of ‘legacy’ for the group, in its multiple connotations. We are referring to the environmental legacy of natural resources, which we will pass on to future generations. We are referring to the legacy of values and expertise acquired in over 100 years of cabinetmaking tradition, developed and safeguarded by our artisans. And, finally, the legacy of the products themselves, which are built to last».