Vision with no limits

Beyond the stylistic barriers, beyond the design limits, beyond geographic borders. It is a new identity that it presents in Milan, one that has no fear of going out on a limb and thinking in perspective

MisuraEmme arrives at Salone del Mobile in Milan in a moment of profound innovative changes that has shaken things up to bring new vigour to the company in every area. The process has developed from the brand identity, to involve the production side, and finally branching out into the strictly commercial sphere.
In this fervour, MisuraEmme has adopted a concept of evolution understood as overcoming its own limits, a “going beyond” the usual status quo to project itself into an unexplored dimension. The result of this journey is completely embodied in the setting of the Salone del Mobile, where the company tells the story of its new design proposals. The setting of a bourgeois residence – with traditional spaces such as the living area, dining room, master bedroom and walk-in wardrobe – contain an original mood that is not traditional: one is able to breathe, to perceive a fresh, informal allure on a sensorial level, light in overall aesthetics without giving up formal refinement.

Palo Alto walk-in closet by MisuraEmme
PaloAlto walk-in closet by MisuraEmme

Thanks to finishes and materials: a new grey orobic marble (used for the Ala table), six new metallic lacquered finishes (brass, graphite and bronze both simple and antiqued); merit also of unexpected combinations, with innumerable ‘black & white’ effects, including marbles with strong chromatic accents attenuated by the dark tone of Marquinia marbles or the white of the Carrara and Calacatta marbles; in turn flanked by the two new essences ebony and eucalipto tabacco to give warmth to the environment.

This perspective view was not expressed solely in the definition of an unexpected and distinctive style, but above all in its design. The PaloAlto I-box programme is in fact its completion, with the unification of the two systems and the creation of an exclusive hinge that allows the insertion of the new Rex door both in the wooden shoulder and in the frame shoulder, with the possibility of a 180° opening. The sleep area thus becomes the theatrical backdrop of this spectacle dedicated to the wardrobe programme in all its entirety and variety: wardrobes with hinged, sliding, coplanar doors, the new internal equipment and the exclusive metallic finishes, the inclusion of the Over boiserie system for the wardrobes, up to the novelty of PaloAlto Free. This new concept of walk-in closet sees the use of the door directly supported by the floor-ceiling front beam that constitutes the structure.

Sistema Tao by MisuraEmme
Sistema Tao by MisuraEmme

In the wake of this momentum, therefore, also the overcoming, in a more physical and geographical sense, of the markets currently dominated by the company, focused on the United States, South America and Russia and Asia (only in the last two years ten showrooms have been opened) which will be accompanied by a strengthening of the commercial network in Australia and South East Asia.