Häberli plays with the kitchen of the future

At LivingKitchen the designer presents his installation aimed at restoring the kitchen environment to its place at the centre of mankind’s life and perception

In this period of the year Cologne becomes the world capital of furnishing. Also thanks to LivingKitchen, a biennial event dedicated to the kitchen held in conjunction with Imm Cologne. The event is further enhanced by the presence of the designer Alfredo Häberli, with his installation that seeks to present itself as a “kitchen of the future” within the “Future Design” format.

It is the artist to proclaim that food will remain the symbol of ‘life’ also in the next few years: “The act of procuring, cooking and eating food is dictated by cultural and social norms and is considered as a primitive cultural action of mankind; it is at the core of every profession and best reflects the evolution of our civilisation.”

Projekt Future Kitchen Alfredo Häberli Design Development
Projekt Future Kitchen Alfredo Häberli Design Development

Based on this reflection, Häberli has sought to create for the ‘FutureKitchen’ special exhibition a kitchen that can discuss, on a plastic and architectural level, the theme of ‘degrowth’, laid out on a surface of 160 square metres: “The installation for IMM 2019 has been divided into four conceptual plans to evoke a variety thoughts and generate the three-dimensional image of a kitchen of the future.”

The project seeks to stimulate reflection thanks to its frankness and abstraction. The goal is to focus on the ‘kitchen’ theme and to show a semblance of the near future through historical knowledge, actual objects and digital techniques.

Not only. Future Design, in Hall 4.2, will serve as an experimental space for LivingKitchen to explore the most diversified ideas about the kitchen of the future. The designers nominated by the Pure Talents Contest will present their Kitchen Selection projects in a dedicated exhibition.