Hotel Lutetia is back

The historic Parisian luxury hotel reopens again: the project is signed by Jean-Michael Wilmotte in collaboration with Poliform Contract

One of the most famous hotels in Paris, the Hotel Lutetia, is reopening its historic doors after lengthy renovation work. This unique and luxurious hotel situated on the Left Bank was opened in 1910 by the city’s very first department store, Bon Marché, which wanted to create a suitably lavish place for its customers to stay near the store itself.

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Open for more than 100 years without ever being renovated, the Lutetia was closed for the first time in its history for a meticulous 4-year project led by Jean-Michael Wilmotte, a world-famous French architect who has always been involved in preserving cultural and artistic heritage, as well as being the mastermind behind a number of high-profile restorations, from the interiors of the Louvre museum to those of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

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To give the spirit of the hotel’s original design a fresh, modern feel, without compromising on its charm and historic value, Wilmotte collaborated with outstanding partners, including Poliform Contract, which dealt with all the communal areas. Work on the lobby, concierge area, Salon Borghese, Orangerie and Brasserie was made-to-measure and carried out entirely by Poliform based on an architectural vision aimed at engaging the emotions of the hotel’s guests. These spaces tap into our emotions and combine functionality with stylistic vision.

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Poliform Contract stood out for the extraordinary versatility of its work and for the comprehensive services that it provided, ensuring that its contribution combined creativity and quality to make the experience of staying at the Hotel Lutetia even more memorable.

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Hotel Lutetia
45 Boulevard Raspail
Parigi, Francia