Art Deco flavour inspiration

Original and elegant, the Cafè du Trocadéro seduces, due to its priceless view of theTour Eiffel as well as an ambience which harks back to the past


Inaugurated last April in Paris, the Cafè du Trocadéro is a place suspended between past and present. It presents unequivocal allusions to Art Deco codes of Parisian salons from the 1920s, but with a renewed flavour for experimentation. One which does not distort the brasseries’ spirit, reinforcing its aesthetics by simplifying lines and ornaments, with plays on a minimal white and black contrast enriched by details and precious materials such as brass, gold and marble.

For the designers Pierre-Emmanuel Martin and Stéphane Garotin from Maison Hand, it all begins with the light which floods in through the façade redesigned with floor-to-ceiling windows, softened through subtle colour variations of cover surfaces ranging from beige to grey. At the entrance, a black and white floor mosaic replicates the diamond pattern, integrated in the parquet flooring until the monumental central marble counter, where it forks, orienting customers towards other areas of the Café.

Structural limitations have been exploited and transformed into narrative expedients which differentiate a areas containing sofas and bistro-style tables in a variety of shapes and sizes, matched with seating by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna. Three models have been selected: Bodystuhl designed by Nigel Coats, characterised by more contemporary lines and the iconic N.14 and Wiener Stuhl, a symbol of elegance and design perfection which complete the interior in virtue of their strong, familiar and sinuous identity.