Vescom, a new space for new products

The showrooms on Foro Bonaparte, in Milan, have been completely renovated to accommodate two new Vescom products: digital printed wallcoverings and a new generation of sound-absorbing curtain fabrics

Softening the Senses is the concept behind the striking fit-out of the renovated Vescom showrooms in Milan. The concept puts the spotlight on the materials and collections, and on their interconnections, aided in this regard by an interior décor that enhances their appeal and inspiration. The products are given new meaning within the showrooms on Foro Bonaparte 50 (hosted in a charming historical palazzo). Here, they are displayed in such a way as to be seen, touched and experienced by the audience of professionals, designers and architects to whom the space is addressed.

“Softening the Senses reveals the subtle connection between all the products of the Vescom collections,” says Christiane Müller, the brand’s Art Director in charge of the showroom’s restyling. “The various brand lines feature recurrent materials, colours and patterns. The products are all different, but they have a common style, a common hand. Designers are given the freedom to play with the collections in many different ways”.

 width= width=One of the most interesting innovations introduced by Vescom are undoubtedly its digital printed wallcoverings: marked by an extremely high resolution, seamless full-colour printing up to 3.15 metres in height and 30 metres in length, and seven different surfaces available (including floor-to-ceiling Langor), these wallcoverings provide any interior with a truly tailor-made identity.

In particular, the new Milan showrooms feature a wallcovering inspired by the artist James Turrell and his monumental Roden Crater.

Detail digital printed wallcovering 
Right, digitally printed wallcoverings inspired by the work of James Turrel 

Also taking centre stage are Vescom’s new sound-absorbing curtains – the Capri and Corsica models, which join the existing Carmen, Marmara and Formoza. These ultra-light fabrics create a play of transparencies: while letting the light through, they guarantee a high sound absorption coefficient (between 0.5 and 0.8, therefore up to five times greater than those offered by regular see-through curtain fabrics).

The two new models combine formal efficiency with an unexpected touch of elegance: Corsica, due to its pleasant, linen-effect feel, and Capri, to its pleasantly smooth texture and its striking colour palette, in metallic shades of bronze, silver and platinum.

New sound-absorbing curtains Capri
New sound-absorbing curtains Corsica