Penthouse with view for Minacciolo

The panoramic view looking out over the city of Kiev surely inspired the interior design of this 30th floor penthouse, a project  – signed by Olga Akulova Design – that takes into consideration the existing environment and urban fabric, creating a light, stable and extremely pleasing harmony among the parts. The large windows contribute to the overall effect, giving the impression of an expansive, uninterrupted view both outside and inside the home. The strong, cold unfinished grey surfaces of the buildings are echoed in this open space by the flooring and especially the ceiling and exposed cement columns. The cement and modernity of the structure sets off the furniture made of natural materials like wood, which warm the setting and parallel nature in the form of the trees framing the buildings below.

The star of this spacious environment is the kitchen, which features an island from the Natural Skin collection by Minacciolo and lends warmth and texture to the room with its characteristic natural wood.
Developed in a small-sized island composition with a monolitic design, the Natural Skin kitchen creates a functional corner offering a sculptural presence. Provided by a natural, warm cladding that envelopes the total black structure, it spreads a strong as well warm materical appeal.


Photo Credits: © Andrey Avdeenko