The new wave of Living Divani

The partnership between Sanlorenzo and Living Divani is already considered a successful one and for the 60th anniversary of the shipyard based in La Spezia, the Brianza-based company has put more than just its signature on the SX88, the latest yacht born from the pen of Piero Lissoni, the new Art Director of Sanlorenzo

With the change of direction started by Sanlorenzo in 2006 thanks to the arrival of Sergio Buttiglieri, the design world has found a new dimension where it can express its vocations linked to quality, and above all to the flexibility needed to meet the demands of the new world of luxury yachting. At the time Living Divani was among the first ones to realize the importance of this new industry and committed to become the star of the new generation of yachts and super yachts created by CEO Massimo Perotti and has been the protagonist of the sector ever since.
On the occasion of the Élite Days, organized at the beginning of May to celebrate Sanlorenzo’s sixth decade of activity, Living Divani – in collaboration with Piero Lissoni, the new art director of Sanlorenzo – has dressed the new creation stemmed from the historic shipyards situated in Ameglia: the SX88 crossover yacht.

A true floating flagship store was represented by company from Anzano del Parco: from the essential shapes of the Extrasoft sofas, to the revival of the Lipp sofa enhanced by a new deep-button upholstery dress, including the functional and airy Ile Club which with its imperceptible metal structure introduces steel with sobriety into a context where fabrics predominate.

Living Divani at the Elite Days

The magic triangle Sanlorenzo-Lissoni-Living Divani seems to have found a perfect balance and lends to the company founded by Luigi Bestetti and Renata Pozzoli and with the daughter Carola, currently at the helm of the company, an important allure, significantly contributing to the growth of the brand.

Sanlorenzo and Living Divani at Elite Days