Snaidero moves forward

It has been announced the agreement between the historic Friulian family and IDeA CCR for the corporate reorganization

A solid partner means a safer present and a better future, this is the reason why many Italian companies attractive to investment companies have decided to go for it and Snaidero, after more than 70 years of activity traditionally linked to the family, did not miss this opportunity. The inevitable but obviously necessary corporate restructuring will bring an internal reorganization and further enhancement of what is nowadays the first Italian group (by size) active on the international market.

The headquarter of Snaidero in Majano (Udine, Italy)

A well-known brand, an important distribution and the undeniable quality of products: three assets that have made Snaidero very interesting for investors, in this case one of the most important national funds, belonging to the DeA Capital Group which, among the numerous sectors of interest, includes the world of real estate, where synergies with companies which make kitchens could be important.
The new management sees at the helm an independent CEO, Massimo Manelli, with a strong work experience in different sectors (we remember Artemide, Targetti, and Versace).
Edi Snaidero will continue to represent the family in the new board of directors.