Richard Ginori becomes Ginori 1735

New brand identity and name for the historic artistic producer of pure porcelain

Richard Ginori changes, in order to stay the same. The historic company based in Sesto Fiorentino updates its brand identity and name, becoming Ginori 1735, to underline a long tradition, since 1735, in the artistic production of pure porcelain. The new Ginori 1735 logo is in elegant, sinuous lettering, as if written by hand, while the present one remains as a distinctive trademark of recognizable authenticity, to guarantee the originality of every creation.

A new more glamorous and international look, faithful to the brand’s heritage, for a manufacturer with an increasing focus on luxury and lifestyle. “Today we return to our roots, and though this change of name we rely more fully on our legacy, seen as a profound sense of hospitality, good manners and a lively spirit possessed by all those who share in our mission,” says the President and CEO Alain Prost.

The mission of Ginori 1735, the company says, will be to promote a modern Renaissance, through revitalization and rediscovery of everyday life in all its pleasures and artistic expressions, and in the assertion of the individuality of all people, in creations by talents hailing from various sectors, from fashion to art, design to cinema and architecture.