The unstoppable wave of Talenti

In 2019 the company of the Cameli family reported unprecedented sales performance for the sector, resulting not only from the collections

‘Everything right away’ seems to be the slogan of Fabrizio, Edoardo and Federica Cameli: new collections, a new flagship store in Brera, a new headquarters, and more. The Talenti concept – because that is the only proper term here – is not confined to the albeit noble art of making high-end outdoor furniture. It also harmoniously absorbs a series of activities that contribute to transform a name into a brand. Activities that have to all travel at the same speed, heading for the same destination.

Showroom di Talenti a Milano
Showroom of Talenti, Milano

The heart of the operation is undoubtedly the new headquarters in Amelia, not just a very handsome building, but mini-city where logistics and production will coexist (opening slated for this spring) alongside ideas taken from the world of hospitality: all immersed in a striking natural context.

Magazzino nell'headquarter di Amelia
Magazzino Talenti

The ability to position outdoor collections in contexts that bring out their already strong aesthetic impact has been one of the strong suits of Talenti in 2019. All in a market – such as that of outdoor furnishings – packed with competitors on an international level.
The +31% rise in sales last year is almost overshadowed by the company’s ambitions for the years to come: as they explain it (IFDM met with Edoardo and Federica at imm Cologne) this is a logical (and necessary) consequence of careful choices made in the past. Today the machine created by their father Fabrizio (still at the helm) cannot and will not be stopped.

Interni headquarter di Amelia
Interior headquarter of Amelia

A few years ago IFDM interviewed a young top manager in the furniture sector, with a background in the service industries, who said: “in this segment you have to have a brand, a product, and distribution: if you have at least two of these factors, you can create the third one.” All things considered, Talenti already has all three.