Romantic and hi-tech soul

New concepts for lighting, always more decorative and hi-tech, including renewed collections and debuting pieces on the occasion of Light + Building

Slamp - Delicate and poetic, Hanami (by Adriano Rachele) is inspired by the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the transient beauty of cherry blossoms and features hand-pleated Lentiflex® flowers scattered on a lacquered steel structure. The suspension is available in the following versions: Large - 96 x 60 x 26 cm, and Small - 53 x 35 x 25 cm. The ceiling light is 65 cm in diameter.

Decorative and ambient lighting, intended for domestic spaces but not only, is moving away from hi-tech style and adopting a more romantic, imaginative look. This is evident in the latest innovations by Italian and foreign companies, which offer a range of highly aesthetic solutions that focus on the effect of transparency, on the reflective power of metals such as copper and brass, on the combination between sound and light diffusion and on the play of light/shadow produced by original, versatile diffusers. Eye-catching products that can be easily incorporated in a room thanks to the use of new light sources – such as LEDs and OLEDs – allowing you to save space. For the latest industry news, after Euroluce 2017, the next lighting event will be Light+Building, held between 18-23 March at Messe Frankfurt, in Frankfurt, Germany, featuring several innovations and two key themes: “The smartification of everyday life” and “Aesthetics and wellbeing in harmony”.

Barovier&Toso – The traditional chandelier combined with experience in glass creation as well as an innovative and contemporary design. This is how Marcel Wanders and Barover&Toso have brought to life this new piece of the model Perseo, consisting of five new, dynamic and coloured elements. The Perseo collection includes a floor and a table lamp, an appliqué and two different-sized suspensions.
Catellani & Smith – Enzo Catellani has designed his first collection of outdoor lamps. The main character is industrial glass, also used for the mini shade (7×10 cm) of the More lamp. Supported by a golden green beam, which seems to sprout from the ground, More works with a 1.5 W LED has an IP65 Protection Rating. It is made in three different heights: 70, 100 cm and 130 cm.
Cini&Nils – In the Incontro lamp (design by Luca Bettonico), two everted and thin lacquered metal tongues are joined at their ends, concealing the LED lamp and enabling the flow of diffused and reflected light only. The model is available in two versions: on-off and dimmable, in the following finishings: white, opaque gold and opaque silver.
Davide Groppi – The metal and metacrylate table lamp PoPuP evolves to become PoPuP Orchestra, enabling music to be played via a router which can also connect two or more synchronised lamps. The model is fitted with two LEDs and an audio 5 w diffuser, as well as a magnetic base complete with battery charger. The PoPup Maestro router is supplied as standard.
FontanaArte – The Galerie series distinguishes itself in virtue of its diffuser inspired by oil lamps of the Belle Époque, made in four-layer blown glass. The outermost and innermost layers are coloured in different tonalities: they appear white when switched off and amber when switched on. The lamp?s leather band can be used to position it along the support rod in the floor version, which also features a marble base.
Foscarini – Porcelain, fabric wire, blown glass and painted metal all feature in Filo (design by Andrea Anastasio). This lamp exalts single elements: its diffuser, electric cable and decoration. The cone-shaped porcelain body projects light onto the Murano glass sphere, in nuances ranging from watery tonalities to vibrant, ethnic hues and phosphorescent colours.
iDogi – Its name, Mille e Una Notte, derives from the particular configuration that evokes fairy tales and oriental stories. Its significant dimensions – 3.5 meters in diameter and 4.5 meters in height – the grandeur of the reflections and the abundant lights (one hundred and twelve in all) lend a unique and intriguing appeal to the chandelier. A spectacular and impressive custom-made creation in glass and crystal.
Ingo Maurer – Walking in The rain is a luminous sculptural object that raises as a figure with feet and a head. It consists of three sheets of washi, shaped like an arch and arranged one above the other. Inspired by waterproof garments woven from straw and worn by Japanese farmers, it rests on two red bases and houses two LED modules.
Karman – Bacco (design by Matteo Ugolini) is the rechargeable wine bottle-shaped table lamp designed to create a soft ambience. The white brushed glass diffuser conceals a 250 lumen LED and rests on a removable aluminium base with on/off button and recharging mechanism. Bacco is transportable in the metal basket Perbacco, containing six pieces.
Nahoor – Agile and flexible, the Chilum model focuses on the cylindrical metal body?s design, conceived as a spot light, with black opaque finishing and embellished by shiny brass or shiny chrome details. The Chilum lamp family includes wall-mounted, suspended, table and floor versions.
Nemo – The modular system Linescapes changes our approach to illumination thanks to single elements which enable the composition of continuous lines and angles, using intersections in ABS. Each module is easily interchangeable and offers excellent lighting efficiency coupled with a high degree of diffusion via an opaline polycarbonate diffuser.
Nimbus Group – Lighting Pad masterfully combines lighting and acoustic efficiency. The series of sound insulating elements featuring a minimal design, fitted with integrated LED lighting and available in round and rectangular versions, in white, light grey and ice blue colours. The system is perfect for use in offices, conference halls, hotels and reception areas. The system was nominated at the German Design Award 2018.
Oluce – A black or white metal ball entirely covered in gold leaf: this is how the table lamp Eva presents itself (design by Francesca Borelli), a project entirely based on the interaction between human being and objects. The cap which conceals the LED can be moved towards the sphere?s inner or outer part, enabling the passage of more or less light. Size 25 x 26 cm.
Penta – Clip suspensions are characterised by a metal disc and open or closed upper eyelet, to which a support/power cable is connected. They are available in shiny or brushed gold, pink gold and nickel finishings, in two versions – Open and Closed, and in two sizes: Large, with 40 cm diameter; Mini, with 18 cm diameter.
Vesoi – The Ambarabà-cicì-cocò lamp is equipped with a blown-glass shade, natural or smoked or with white, gray, orange or bronze-matt glossy partial decorations. The components are made of natural brass polished, old brassed brushed-matt, old copper brushed-matt, or total white and total black lacquered. Available the wall lamp, suspension and table versions.
Vibia – Conceived as a lamp within a lamp, Join is, actually composed of a single blown-glass piece; the light bulb remains hidden in the inner shade from which the cable comes out as if it were a thread. Join is designed by Jordi Vilardell and is available in two sizes. Its ideal collocation is the bedroom where it lends warmth and simplicity.