cc-tapis and a poetic soul which translates intro a product

Far from the philosophy of mass production cc-tapis, also brings its most eloquent proposals to M&O following on from Cologne: new rugs by three young Italian designers

Lo stand di cc-tapis a Imm Cologne 2018 - Photo © Andrea Bartoluccio

Cartesio e Cartesio Outline are perfectly at ease among the international proposals of M&O. The new rugs, conceived by the designer Elena Salmistraro for cc-tapis, exude a precious convergence of the artist’s modern conceptuality and ancestral techniques which characterise hand-knotted products by Nepalese artists.

Just like in Flatland, the fantastical story written by reverend Abbot in 1884, Elena Salmistraro’s rugs transform themselves into  bi-dimensional universes inhabited by geometric forms: “triangles, lines, circles and squares overlap, interact and clash, meeting and recognising each other, unwittingly loading with colour and magic”. An original collection with a dual identity – one textured and rough, one soft and tenuous: heavily laden and crowded on the one hand, sober and sublime on the other. A continuous play of contrasts which nourishes visual dualism and exalts the strong artisanal elements underpinning the genesis of these pieces.

Metroquadro is the new contract collection featuring the rugs Campo and Campo Undyed by Leonardo Talarico, where heterogeneous materials are mixed and bring to life an original compositional fusion. The collection also includes the nature-inspired Orizzonti by Domenico Rocca and Alberto Nespoli from EglioStudio.