Finishes on display

At the Mall in Porta Nuova, in Milan’s Brera Design District, surfaces, floors, doors, handles, colors and decoration, fittings, covers, finishes and interior architecture are protagonists of an evocative setting. This is Space&Interiors, the exhibition-event created by Migliore+Servetto Architects directly linked with Salone del Mobile. The different proposals of 40 companies interpret the overall theme “Absolute Lightness”.

The exhibit is driven by a narrative on three separate levels. One occupying the wide central promenade, where long white tables invite visitors to explore contents and products also via an interactive App designed specifically for this rare journey of discovery.

Behind reflective surfaces expanding the space and giving rise to entirely new dimensions, an intermediate level offers a more visual narrative with an array of quotes, specific pictures of products, and illustrations.

The upper level delivers yet another take on lightness. Dynamic projections and lighting make up a complex system with overhead structures jutting out over the tables below. Emphasising the significance of transitions, the aisles between the tables are highlighted by huge round hovering projections and thin lines of light.

The projections put the accent on the many and varied concepts of lightness, be it in nature, utopian architecture or light itself, and as it relates to other elements, imbuing the journey of discovery into the materials and products featured in the exhibition with insights and implications.